Product Details

The evaluation system is composed of a motherboard and a daughterboard. The motherboard provides the I2C® signals from the computer USB port and generates the I/O voltages and digital high and low signals for the daughterboard. The motherboard features a 3.3 V regulator (VBOARD) a 3.7 V regulator (VBATT) and a 2.0 V regulator (VDDIO). VDDIO is the digital I/O voltage supplying the I2C interface and the control pins. VBOARD is the motherboard logic supply while VBATT provides power to the daughterboard. Jumpers on the top left of the motherboard define whether the internal regulators are supplied from the USB port or from external supplies connected to J10. The VBUS line from the USB connector powers the mother-board regulators when Jumper LK8 to Jumper LK10 are in the USB position. Connector J10 provides supply voltages for the motherboard and daughterboard when Jumper LK8 to Jumper LK10 are in the EXT position.

The daughterboard contains numerous jumpers, LEDs, and test points for easy evaluation and monitoring of the board.