Product Details

ADL5566-EVALZ is a fully populated, 4-layer, FR4-based evaluation board. For normal operation it requires a single 3 V - 5 V/100 mA power supply. The power supply should be connected to the test loops labeled VCC and GND. The RF input signals are applied to the SMA connectors labeled VIN1 and VIP2. The RF outputs are available at the SMA connectors labeled VOP1 and VON2. The evaluation board may be converted to a fully differential input and output by installing SMA connectors VIP1, VIN2, VON1, VOP2, and removing R3, R4, R25, R26, installing 0 Ω jumpers R1, R2, R27, R26, removing transformers, T1, T2, T3, T4, and placing jumpers across the transformer pads. The 3 pin headers, ENBL_1 and ENBL_2 control the enable function. Test loops, VCOM-1 and VCOM-2 provide an interface for adjusting the common mode voltage.