Features and Benefits

LED driver with integrated inductive boost converter
  • Integrated 50V MOSFET with 2.9A peak current limit
  • 6 V to 21 V input voltage range (easily increased with external Zener diode).
  • 350kHz to 1 MHz adjustable operating frequency
  • Built-in soft start
  • Overvoltage protection programmable up to 47.5V
  • Easily combine current sinks for up to 240mA of total LED Current.
  • 40 μA (typ) shutdown Iq
Drives up to eight LED current strings
  • LED current adjustable up to 30mA for each channel
  • ± 1.5% matching, ± 3% accuracy
  • DC current level brightness control with PWM input
  • Headroom control to maximize efficiency
  • LED open fault protection
Multiple Dimming Methods
  • PWM Input Control or SMBus Digital Input
  • Fixed Delay PWM Dimming with 8 bit resolution
  • No Delay PWM Dimming with 8 bit resolution
  • Direct PWM Dimming control
  • DC Current Dimming with 8 bit resolution
  • Phase Shift PWM Dimming with 8 bit resolution
  • (ADD5201 only) 
Comprehensive Fault Protections
  • Open LED Protection
  • Shorted LED Protection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO)

Product Details

ADD5203CP-EVALZ is the ADD5201/3 driver board and the 8 channel LED board.

ADD5203EB-EVALZ is just the ADD5201/3 driver board.