Product Details

This evaluation board is obsolete and no longer recommended. The replacement board is the DC2515B.

Demonstration circuit 2515A includes the LTC6810-1, a 6 channel battery-stack monitor. Multiple DC2515A boards can be linked through a 2-wire isolated serial interface (isoSPI) to monitor a long series of cells in a stack.

The DC2515 can communicate to a PC by connecting directly to a DC2026 Linduino® One. The DC2026 must be loaded with the appropriate program (called a “sketch”) to control the battery stack monitor IC and receive data through a USB serial port. The DC2026C provides a standard SPI interface which can be connected directly to a DC2515 board (J4 Connector). Or, the SPI can be translated to isoSPI and then connected to a DC2515 isoSPI port (J2/J1 connector). The DC1941 provides a single SPI-isoSPI channel, and the DC2792 provides two SPIisoSPI channels for reversible operation.

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