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This evaluation board is obsolete and no longer recommended. The replacement board is the DC1905B.

Demonstration circuit DC1905A features the LTM4633EY, a high efficiency, triple 10A step-down power μModule® regulator. The input voltage range is from 4.7V to 16V with common input source, or 2.375V to 16V with an external bias supply. The output voltage range is 0.8V to 1.8V for Channel 1 and Channel 2, 0.8V to 5.5V for Channel 3. Derating is necessary for certain VIN, VOUT, frequency and thermal conditions. The DC1905A offers access to the TRACK/SS pins allowing the user to program output tracking or soft-start period. The board operates in continuous conduction mode in heavy load conditions. For high efficiency at low load currents, the MODE jumper (JP4) selects pulse-skipping mode for noise sensitive applications or Burst-Mode® operation in less noise sensitive applications. Channel 1 and 2 can be connected in parallel for a single 20A output solution with optional jumper resistors.

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