Product Details

Demonstration circuit 2702A-A is a dual-output, high efficiency, high density, µModule® regulator with 4.5V to 16V input range. Each output can supply 50A maximum load current. The demo board has a LTM4700 µModule regulator, which is a dual 50A or single 100A step-down regulator with digital power system management. Please see LTM4700 data sheet for more detailed information.

DC2702A-A powers up to default settings and produce power based on configuration resistors without the need for any serial bus communication. This allows easy evaluation of the DC/DC converter. To fully explore the extensive power system management features of the part, download the GUI software LTpowerPlay® onto your PC and use ADI’s I2C/SMBus/PMBus dongle DC1613A to connect to the board. LTpowerPlay allows the user to reconfigure the part on-the-fly and store the configuration in EEPROM, view telemetry of voltage, current, temperature and fault status.

Applicable Parts