Precision technology signal chains allow for easy navigation between various design trade-offs to create the optimum end-solution by application. Accelerate technology selection and implementation with Analog Devices’ complete precision technology signal chains, which bring together more than 50 years of insight and expertise. Combining the proper tools, purpose-developed knowledge bases, and customizable solutions, ADI’s precision technology signal chains enable easy adaptation. Each signal chain allows for simple tailoring to suit each unique application need.

From sensor to bits, find and tailor solutions that are optimized for demanding applications in electrification & automotive, digital health, instrumentation, smart industry, energy & sustainability, and any high precision signal chain.

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Precision Signal Chain Support

In ADI’s engineering community forum, EngineerZone®, you can find answers to common questions, access blogs, and submit your own unique questions about circuits and precision products to an ADI engineer.

Precision Signal Chain Forum

The Precision Signal Chain forum content is tailored to the unique challenges of designing precision signal chains, from sensors-to-bits.

Precision Wide Bandwidth Signal Chain Support

The Precision Wide Bandwidth forum content is tailored to the unique challenges of designing measurement and drive signal chains that require precision, speed, and wide bandwidth.

Isolated Gate Drive & Sense Signal Chain Support

The Isolated Gate Drive and Sense forum content is tailored to the unique challenges of power conversion signal chains, covering multichannel monitoring solutions, robust switch control, and isolation.

Group of people working together with design tools
Group of people working together with design tools


Use ADI’s full suite of precision tools to design, analyze, and simulate your precision signal chain. Use the Precision ADC Driver Tool to select and customize the driver for your ADC; use the tools in Precision Studio to select components, design filters, optimize and analyze amplifier circuits, and design sensor interfaces. Export your design to LTspice® to create your own circuit schematic and perform full signal chain simulation.

ADC Driver tool user interface

ADC Driver Tool

Use the Precision ADC Driver Tool to simulate the performance of precision ADC and driver combinations. Potential issues with driver selection, kickback settling, and distortion are flagged, and design trade-offs can be quickly evaluated. Simulations and calculations include system noise, distortion, and settling of the ADC input.

Precision Studio user interface

Precision Studio

This suite of web tools helps you design signal conditioning circuits faster. Included tools: Analog Filter Wizard, Precision ADC Driver Tool, Photodiode Wizard, In-Amp Diamond Plot, Direct Digital Synthesis Simulator, and Virtual Eval ADC simulator.

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LTspice® is a high performance SPICE simulation software, schematic capture, and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of analog circuits. Included in the download of LTspice are macromodels for a majority of Analog Devices switching regulators and amplifiers, as well as a library of devices for general circuit simulation.

Five engineers discussing circuits on a whiteboard
Five engineers discussing circuits on a whiteboard


Access training on precision focused technology to confidently design, verify, and develop your precision signal chain solutions.

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Stability 101: Operational Amplifiers

Watch this multipart series that explains and simplifies important concepts in designing operational amplifier circuits. Learn about stability, how to deal with parasitic capacitance, and other common circuit design challenges.

Circuit diagram of DAC architecture

Precision DACs: A to Z

This multipart series covers precision DACs, with a basic technology overview, DAC performance specifications, architectures, and a tour of several common DAC signal chains and their requirements.

Anne Mahaffey explaining equations on a whiteboard.

Driving SAR ADCs

Join applications engineer Anne Mahaffey for this 8-part video series on driving SAR (successive approximation register) ADCs. Review the SAR ADC input model, kickback behavior, RC filter design, and much more.

Precision Sensor Interface Solutions

High performance signal conditioning is critical to the performance of any technology that interacts with the physical world. Because each sensor type comes with its own challenges, Analog Devices has a variety of tools, reference designs, and signal chains organized by measurement type to give you a head start on your next design.

Explore sensor interfaces

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