A2B is a high bandwidth, bidirectional, digital audio bus. A2B is capable of transporting I2S/TDM/PDM data and I2C control information, along with clock and power, using a single, 2-wire UTP cable over distances up to 15 m between nodes and 40 m over the entire daisy chain. A2B can be used as its own network with embedded sub-networks, or as an endpoint transport bus used in combination with other, longer distance protocols. The clock is synchronous on all nodes in a single A2B network. Microphone and serial audio data is received on each node in the system simultaneously.

Advantages of A2B Audio Bus

Configurable, Flexible, Low Risk and Easy to Use

A2B transceivers allow an I2C host to access all transceivers in a system. Designing an A2B enabled system is simplified using the SigmaStudio® graphical design environment—the same development tool that supports the Analog Devices SigmaDSP® and SHARC® processor families. A broad array of full-featured evaluation systems is available to quickly prototype an A2B network and facilitate early system proof of concept, test, verification, and debug.

Reduced System & Cable Costs, Weight, & Complexity

A2B eliminates the need for an expensive microcontroller and external memory. The transceiver’s ability to provide power to remote nodes over the same UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable used to transport data removes the need for a local power supply on each bus-powered subordinate node, reducing the overall system BOM costs. The UTP cable provides system-level cost savings when compared to other digital bus architectures that may require two or three twisted-pair connections or a costly cabling scheme, such as the heavy cable harnesses required to connect audio systems in vehicles.

Superior Audio Quality

With a configurable 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz frame rate and up to a 50 Mbps bandwidth, A2B is ideal for transporting digital audio and delivers superior audio quality relative to analog connections. System nodes support up to 32 bus slots in each direction, and the slot widths are programmable up to 32-bit, thereby supporting I2S and numerous TDM configurations up to TDM32. PDM input is also natively supported, with the transceiver decimating the input to PCM format before placing it on the A2B bus.

Deterministic Low Latency

A2B technology ensures simultaneous sampling and delivery of data on all system nodes for each frame. The frame structure is fully managed at the main node to program each transceiver’s use of the available data slots in both directions, whether to contribute, extract, or read and pass data on to the next node in the line topology. Delays due to bus collisions or the reassembly of packetized data are removed. A2B features deterministic and very low, sub 50 µs latency.

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A2B Solves Automotive and Other Audio Market Challenges

Automotive & Transportation

Automotive and Transportation

  • Audio ECU
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Road noise cancellation
  • Personal audio zones/active speakers
  • eCall and telematics systems
  • Autonomous driving systems
  • Smart radio connectivity

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Building Technology

Building Technology
(Smart Buildings)

  • Microphone arrays for hands-free/speech recognition
  • A/V conference rooms
  • Residential intercom systems


  • ProAV
  • Vital signs monitoring (wearables)
  • Home theater

A better design experience.
A more dynamic automotive experience.
ADI's A2B technology delivers both.

Less complex, less expensive, and lighter. A2B simplifies and solves your audio design challenges.

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A2B Technology
A2B: A Better Audio Design Experience

A2B: A Better Audio Design Experience

A2B is solving problems in Automotive, Smart Buildings, Consumer and new emerging applications. In this webcast you will learn how to make the cabling in your audio system less complex, less expensive, and lighter. We will discuss how A2B can simplify and solve your audio design challenges.

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A2B is Solving the Audio Design Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

ADI's leading-edge A2B solution is capable of transporting data and control information over a single, 2-wire UTP cable. This reduces the system's cost, weight and complexity of the cable and can be used in new and emerging applications including Automotive, Building Technology and Consumer.

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This 4th generation A2B transceiver is the low-cost entry point into the A2B technology delivering roughly 50% system cost savings compared to existing A2B devices. It is well suited for a variety of cost-sensitive applications including single/dual-instance microphone arrays and eCall systems.



This 4th generation A2B transceiver offers increased eBOM integration enabling significant system cost savings compared to existing A2B devices. It can be configured as a "Main" node and is particularly well suited for local power applications.

A2B Products


Development Tools

A2B Bus Analyzer

ADI A2B Bus Analyzer is a robust development tool supporting the design and debug of AD242x/3x based A2B networks. It can be configured to act as an active bus emulation tool and/or as a passive bus monitor.

View A2B Bus Analyzer Details

SHARC Audio Module (ADZS-SC589-MINI)

The SHARC® Audio Module is an expandable hardware/software platform that enables project prototyping, development and deployment of audio applications including effects processors, multi-channel audio systems, MIDI synthesizers, and many other DSP-based audio projects.

The centerpiece of the SHARC Audio Module is the Analog Devices ADSP-SC589 SHARC processor, a remarkable engine for audio processing which incorporates dual SHARC+ DSP cores and an ARM core.

SHARC Audio Module (ADZS-SC589-MINI) Details

A2B Evaluation Boards


A2B Software

The A2B network design tool and embedded software stack allows audio network designers to graphically design an A2B network and deploy it into an embedded platform.

Start designing your next A2B software solution

Signal Chains


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A2B Partners

Arrow | Thor96 Human Machine Interface Platform


Thor96 Human Machine Interface Platform

The Thor96 Board is a single-board computer powered by the NXP i.MX 8M SoC, incorporating a quad-core 64-bit Arm-A53, dedicated GPU and VPU, 4K support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a wide range of I/O. 96Boards is a 32-bit and 64-bit ARM® Open Platform hosted by Linaro™ with the intension to serve the software/ maker and embedded OEM communities. It includes an A2B interface and driver demo.

For more information please visit Thor96

Audio Precision | APx B Series Audio Analyzers


Audio Precision By combining the capabilities of Audio Precision’s APx500 audio analyzers and software, and Mentor’s A2B Analyzer System, software and ASIO driver, developers can easily create a complete, closed-loop multichannel A2B audio test system.

The APx audio analyzer, along with the Mentor analyzer platform, delivers comprehensive, multichannel audio measurement analysis and offers a wide range of interface options, including analog, Bluetooth®, digital serial (TDM) and PDM. Working as a complete system, these tools eliminate the effort required to develop, and support, in-house, custom test solutions.

For more information please visit Audio Precision.

Clockworks Signal Processing | A2B – I2S Module/Module EVM System


Clockworks Signal Processing Clockworks’ A2B module offers developers a simple way to develop A2B products by creating prototypes based on the A2B module connected to EVM board(s) for the desired peripheral functions. Typically, Clockworks’ A2B module is used with ADC or DAC boards, but can also be used with Class D amplifier devices with direct I2S input, or digital microphones with I2S output.

For more information please visit Clockworks.

Clockworks Signal Processing | A2B Microphone Array



Clockworks eight channel microphone array for A2B provides a simple way for evaluating or prototyping audio processing applications that need the acoustic properties of a microphone array. The kit is a three board stack: the AD2428W based Clockworks A2B to I2S module, the ADAU7118 based PDM to I2S board, and the microphone array board. When combined with ADI’s SHARC or SigmaDSP boards powerful speech and audio processing applications can be created. Custom microphone boards to match specific requirements are available.

For more information please visit Clockworks.

DE Design Works | A2B Industrial Design Services


DE Design Works A2B does not have to stop at the automobile industry. The daisy chain system can be implemented into many other products to improve efficiency and lessen cost. DE Design Works is working to make the technology available across all industries.

DE Design Works deep breadth of product design experience, quick-to-market prototyping, proven turnkey design methods, testing capabilities, quality management, and production support offer a suite of value services in product development ending with the right product designed for the market at the fastest possible rate.

For more information please visit dedesignworks.

HEAD acoustics | Full Data Control A2B Test Solution


HEAD acoustics With the extension coreA2B, the labCORE hardware platform can connect to the Audio Bus A2B® developed by Analog Devices. Whether automotive, avionics, consumer, or building technology: It enables testing and optimizing devices connected to the bus in any applications. coreA2B can be operated as a master or a slave node, listen passively, and provides the unique feature of Proxy mode, where it gains full control over all data on the bus.

For more information, please visit HEAD acoustics.

Infineon | XENSIV™ Automotive Qualified Microphone


Infineon The XENSIV™ IM67D130A is a microphone qualified for automotive applications, which will help simplify the design-in efforts for the industry and reduce the risk of qualification failures. The microphone has an increased operating temperature range from -40°C to +105°C to enable various use cases in harsh automotive environments. The high acoustic overload point (AOP) of 130 dB SPL allows the microphone to capture distortion-free audio signals in loud environments. Because of that, it can be placed inside or outside of the vehicle. The high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 67 dB combined with an exceptionally low distortion level leads to optimum speech quality and superior speech intelligence for applications based on speech recognition. Additionally, the microphones have tight sensitivity matching allowing optimized beamforming algorithms for multi-microphone arrays.

The PDM output of the IM67D130A microphone interfaces directly with the A²B transceiver, without the need for an additional signal processing interface IC. Demo boards are available on request.

For more information please visit Infineon.

Mentor Automotive | A2B Analyzer System


Mentor Automotive | A2B Analyzer System The A2B Analyzer System is designed for development teams servicing automotive OEMs, Tier 1s, and audio connectivity equipment suppliers. The deterministic nature of the A2B technology makes it particularly well-suited for automotive audio devices (active speakers, microphones) and newer applications, such as active noise cancellation (ANC), in-car communications, and so on.

For more information please visit A2B Analyzer System.

Mentor Automotive | A2B Bus Monitor System


Mentor Automotive | A2B Bus Monitor System The A2B Bus Monitor System is a powerful debug tool that provides unprecedented insights into the network traffic on an A2B technology based audio network. The A2B Bus Monitor System is a combination of a compact, professional grade, single-unit hardware device, and an easy to use host application software.

For more information please visit A2B Bus Monitor System.

mk-messtechnik | optoA2B


mk-messtechnik The optoA2B can be used for the optical transmission of A2B signals. It consists of main and sub which are powered by internal batteries and connected with an optical fiber. With the optical transmission and the shielded case, the system is well equipped for EMI and EMC tests.

The copper connection port is HSD to provide the highest shield grade possible to the units. Various adapter cables can be provided.

For more information please visit mk-messtechnik.

NOFFZ Technologies | ITD 1024 A2B Component Tester


Noffz Technologies ITD 1024 is an off-the-shelf solution for A2B®, an emerging automotive audio bus. In combination with a comprehensive set of software tools, ITD 1024 allows rapid testing of various A2B® components, such as audio speakers, amplifiers, microphone arrays, sensors, and actuators.

For more information please visit ITD 1024.




The NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus™ platform uses A2B transceiver to interface with remote audio input and output devices to the NVIDIA Xavier SoC digital audio ports (DAP).  A2B enables Tier 1s, OEMs and system integrators to implement a reliable audio interface to the Xavier SoCs using low cost and light weight cables to optimize system cost and fuel efficiency.

For more information please visit NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Automotive Cockpit Development Platform


Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Automotive Cockpit Development PlatformThe third-generation Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Automotive Cockpit Development Platform (ADP) based on the Qualcomm® SA8155P processor from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI) provides OEMs and ecosystem partners with access to QTI’s high-performance automotive infotainment, advanced driver assist platform for developing, testing, optimizing and showcasing next-generation in-vehicle infotainment solutions.

A2B enables Tier 1s, OEMs and system integrators to implement a reliable audio interface to the SA8155P platform using low cost and light weight cables to optimize system cost and fuel efficiency.

For more information, please visit the page on Qualcomm’s Automotive Development Platform.

Intrepid Control Systems | Automotive Audio Bus and Network Monitoring Solution


RAD-A2B Tool RAD-A2B combines Analog Devices’ A2B technology with two CAN/CAN-FD transceivers and one LIN channel to allow mixed network messages in one time stamped log. The RAD-A2B tool includes one channel for A2B receive-only monitoring and one channel that can act as an emulator node.

For more information please visit Intrepid Control Systems.

Renesas ECU


Renesas ECUThe Renesas Cockpit ECU Reference Hardware jumpstarts your automotive development by shortcutting several difficult and time consuming challenges including high speed LPDDR4 layout, peripheral layout, design optimization and functionality testing.

A2B enables Tier 1s, OEMs and system integrators to implement a reliable audio interface to the Renesas Cockpit ECU using low cost and light weight cables to optimize system cost and fuel efficiency.

For further information please visit the Renesas Cockpit Page.