Automotive Testing Solutions

At Analog Devices, we believe “If it’s not tested, it doesn’t work.” Our automotive testing solutions are designed to validate the next breakthroughs and drive innovation forward by ensuring the device under test meets or exceeds all performance requirements, adheres to safety certifications, and successfully passes software regression testing, among other benchmarks.

What Is an Automotive Test?

Automotive testing is more than the name suggests. Consider just how many systems are present in a single vehicle that must be thoroughly tested before it’s considered safe to drive: On-board charging, intra-vehicle communications, ADAS systems, electronic power steering and suspension, inverters, traction motors, battery cells, modules, and packs… the list goes on.

Also consider the extensive research and development that go into a vehicle before it enters production, all the testing that takes place during production, and the vast array of aftermarket repair and diagnostics equipment required to keep these automobiles running as they should.

Finally, consider the challenges surrounding other transportation modalities besides automotive: Aircraft, rail, marine. Each component of each type of vehicle must be tested at each stage, and each requires its own methods and equipment to complete that testing. If it’s not tested, it doesn’t work.

Illustration of key subsystems in an electric vehicle
Illustration of key subsystems in an electric vehicle

Macrotrends Driving Automotive Testing Innovation

It’s an exciting time to be in the automotive industry. Accelerating EV and HEV sales anticipated to reach 40% of all vehicles sales by 2030 and 80% by 2035. Behind the scenes, battery manufacturing capacity is skyrocketing, driving prices much lower than the historical average. Electric auto makers are also investing in improved safety, shorter charging times, and extended range.

With all these powerful trends in motion, ADI is prepared to support testing of these innovative new technologies.

Electric vehicle chassis with battery pack

Drive Train Electrification

With advances in battery, inverter, and power device technology, as well as growth in charging infrastructure, electric vehicles are quickly going mainstream. The challenges of higher working voltages and switching speeds in electric drivetrain must be met with precision and power solutions for testing inverters, electric motors, on-board chargers, electronic control units, and battery systems. Dynamic power supplies, hardware-in-the-loop simulators and many other instruments are required to enable tests of these drivetrain components.

Car using auto braking and lane assist functions

Advanced ADAS Systems

Safety regulations and consumer demand for smarter car features are driving innovation in advanced ADAS systems. Previously luxury features like automatic emergency braking, auto cruise control, blind spot detection, and 3D visualization/parking assist are quickly becoming the baseline for auto manufacturers. ADI high performance solutions enable testing of ADAS technologies such as:

  • 24 GHz Radar
  • 77 GHz/79 GHz Radar
  • Camera
  • V2X
  • Ultrasound

Autonomous cars sharing driving information on the road

Full Autonomy

The next decade will have increased competition and innovation in the autonomous vehicle industry as technical and regulatory hurdles are overcome. Today’s latest technologies that make full autonomy possible will become more accessible and these features, like advanced ADAS systems, artificial intelligence and low-latency connectivity will soon become the new normal. ADI is keeping ahead of what’s possible with our trusted sensor technology, software for AI, and high performance power management technologies.

Analog Devices’ Pathway to Automotive Testing Success

As the automotive industry rapidly evolves, test equipment makers and test engineers need trusted suppliers that can enable rapid development of new test solutions.

ADI has the industry’s most comprehensive, highest-performance portfolios. We offer best-in-class RF/mmW, data conversion, precision linear, isolation, power, and BMS solutions critical for supporting growth in the EV market, as well as the test and measurement infrastructure supporting that growth. And as we rise to meet the demand for higher instrument performance in cutting-edge, increasingly complex settings, ADI is positioned to bring the highest level of performance and robustness to the automotive industry.

Explore ADI technologies and technical collateral for automotive testing in the subcategories below:

Icon of concentric arrows going around a gear

Hardware in the Loop

A technique for testing complex real-time systems that demand precision and speed by acquiring and exciting precision signals, optimized for signal bandwidth and lowest possible latency.

Icon of an electric vehicle chassis with battery pack

High Voltage Drivetrain Test

Resources for testing the high voltage systems responsible for powering vehicles, including dynamic power supply and battery testing.

Icon of a spectrum analyzer device

Protocol Analyzers

Devices that monitor and record digital and analog signals for diagnostics, repair, or optimization of vehicles, also known as dataloggers.

Icon of sound and vibration waves

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH)

Techniques for measuring noise, vibration, and harshness in a motor or machine during research and development.