Head-Unit and Cockpit ECU

Today’s automotive head units and cockpit ECU must continuously evolve to integrate more features and increased performance. Analog Devices has an extensive range of products to meet the industry’s demand for rapid innovation and rigorous quality standards in the automotive industry. These include a variety of audio processors, from cost-effective alternatives to the highest performing audio DSPs, augmented by a wide range of connectivity solutions targeting audio, voice, acoustics, camera, and display applications tailored especially for modern automotive head units and cockpit ECU.

The Automotive Audio Bus® (A2B®) technology is increasingly being adopted by OEMs as a cost-effective and low latency solution for a range of wiring-intensive audio, voice, and acoustics applications. The fourth-generation devices (AD243x) increase bus power capability to 50W—making them particularly well suited for emerging high power applications such as remote tuner modules (RTM) and distributed audio/personal audio zones. The enhanced SPI interface supports control channel bandwidth up to 10 Mbps, addressing the growing need for software over the air (SOTA) updates.

Signal Chains


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