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Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has a rich, 40+ year history of delivering robust, space-qualified products and space technology solutions that help innovative companies get to LEO and GEO orbit faster than you ever thought possible. With QMLV-certified facilities, extensive experience with traditional space products, and end-to-end signal chain capabilities, ADI is your best opportunity to achieve new heights in space.

Advancing the Future of Commercial Space Technology Solutions

Advancing the Future of Commercial Space Technology Solutions

ADI delivers the most comprehensive portfolio of space technology solutions backed by our unparalleled system-level knowledge and domain expertise for the GEO and LEO new space market. ADI’s commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) plastic components help you prototype faster and maintain the same board design for flight, with radiation assurance, while saving board space and weight (aiding in launch costs). This enables you to leverage the highest levels of integration and performance, along with superior size, weight, and power specifications to ensure successful missions.

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Traditional Space Technology Heritage

Traditional Space Technology Heritage

ADI provides a complete signal chain of tested and proven space technology solutions to help you not just survive but thrive in the harsh, unforgiving environments of deep space. As a trusted ally with decades of space technology experience, ADI delivers the confidence you need to command and control your mission with comprehensive system solutions that deliver superior performance with radiation-hardened electronics.

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    Radiation Test Reports

    Radiation Test Reports

    We provide numerous radiation reports on our space products for High Dose Rate (HDR), Low Dose Rate (LDR), and Single Event Effects (SEE) testing to help customers assess the radiation hardness of a given product.

    These reports can be found on their respective product pages and in the All Resources section below.

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