Aerospace and Defense Radar Systems

ADI's comprehensive portfolio and custom development provide complete RF-to-bits solutions for a wide range of commercial and aerospace and defense radar systems. The high resolution of ADI’s ADC/DAC products and the precision of ADI’s clock and synthesizer modules, mixers and filters provide the high signal-to-noise ratio required for detection accuracy and AESA element balance. ADI’s next-generation CMOS and SiGe solutions and advanced sub-systems support increased integration, enabling new system concepts and multi-function aerospace and defense radar systems to be realized.

Analog Devices recognizes the need for high power, high-efficiency amplifiers to support long ranges, reduce the number of amplification stages, and thereby reduce the size of transmit/receive modules. Advancements in semiconductor fabrication processes, such as Gallium Nitride (GaN), have enabled ADI amplifier/combiner designs to replace traditional Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) amplifiers, reducing footprint and cooling requirements while increasing reliability in aerospace and defense radar systems.

Learn how ADI's incomparable RF and microwave technologies create uncompromising radar systems performance.

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