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Phased Array flat-panel antenna design

Phased Array flat-panel antenna design

Phased array technology uses an arrangement of antenna elements where the relative phase of each element is varied to steer the radiation pattern or beam. The beam can be aimed in various directions electronically, overcoming the limited speed and reliability problems of a mechanically steered antenna. As a result, it greatly reduces size, weight and power (SWaP), making it an attractive technology for defense applications such as radar, communications, space, and electronic warfare.

Digital beamforming has gained traction more recently with its ability to support many beams simultaneously offering a very flexible system. Advances in data converter technologies with advanced process nodes have made direct sampling of RF frequencies possible. A variation of this is hybrid beamforming where sub-arrays are created, each having its own signal processing and data converters.

Solutions Where You Need Them

ADI is breaking down the barriers of phased array design to help you solve your customers’ problems. And we’re making phased array accessible beyond military applications. So you can develop the right solutions and get them to market fast. We understand the importance of having a partner who can respond quickly with a wealth of phased array experience and the industry’s broadest portfolio of components and technologies. A partner with comprehensive integration and packaging capabilities to deliver what you need, from raw die to integrated solutions. And a partner with more than 50 years of insight, experience, and proven results.

Phased Array for Radar

  • Significant improvements to radar performance and flexibility
  • Lower profile, faster speed to re-position, and the ability to track multiple targets more easily

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Phased Array for Space

  • Increased demand for bandwidth driving adaptation in SATCOM applications
  • Next-generation technology will increase simultaneous access and user throughput

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Phased Array for Milcom

  • Simultaneous access to multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites for signal hand off
  • Helps meet demands for faster, less costly, more flexible, high-capability systems

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Phased Array for Electronic Warfare

  • Enables new solutions for electronic attack (EA) and electronic protect (EP) platforms. Provides tight directivity control of EA jamming signals
  • Offers greater accuracy in locating hostile signals in electromagnetically noisy environments

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Beamforming Brochure

Beamforming Brochure

Analog Beamforming Technology will deliver the next wave of performance to wireless communication systems. As data bandwidth increases, the burden to deliver end to end performance is becoming more complex. Beamforming Technology will deliver upon this goal with size efficient, multi stream solutions in a compact feature rich IC targeted for both Satellite and Airborne applications. Explore our portfolio of IC solutions targeting different applications and frequencies

Analog Devices next generation of Beamforming Technology

Phased Array Brochuer

Phased Array Brochure

Speed-to-market, size, and ease of integration are more critical than ever. ADI gives you everything you need to simplify architecture and accelerate design. Having access to the industry’s broadest portfolio enables you to optimize at both the semiconductor and integrated subsystem levels—and efficiently drive phased array innovation.

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Phased Array Smaller, Lighter, Faster and More Accessible

Innovations in IC design and processes are now making the benefits of phased array technology available to non-military applications, such as autonomous driving, weather tracking, air traffic control and others.

Phased array technology also allows for flat-panel antenna designs. These greatly reduce size, weight and cost, and are among the leading innovations that are expanding phased array applications beyond the aerospace and defense markets.

A Partner with Products, Technologies, and Know-How

A good supplier can offer an expansive inventory of parts and a wide range of technologies. A good partner can put them together to provide the phased array solution you need, bringing your solution to market faster.

Analog Devices is uniquely positioned in the market to offer a complete signal chain for phased array antennae from the data converter and transceiver ICs up to the RF front end. This achieved by having expertise in a wide range of technologies: 28nm CMOS, GaAs, SiGe BiCMOS, SOI, and GaN. With access to this range of technology, we can help you design phased array antenna solutions where components are smaller and work optimally together, reducing SWaP and increasing performance.

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Phased Array at Your Fingers Tips

  • Fully operational plug-and-play phased array solution
  • Highly integrated beamforming IC reduces size, weight, power and cost
  • Four channels with gain and phase adjustment for transmit and receive
  • 7mm x 7mm package
  • SiGe BiCMOS process enables digital and RF circuitry integration on IC
  • Allows for easier incorporation into flat panel arrays to reduce the antennae profile

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AD9375: A Transceiver for Your Phased Array Solutions

  • First RF transceiver to incorporate the digital pre-distortion (DPD) algorithm on-chip
  • Reduces DPD power consumption by 90% over competing solutions

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Webcast:  Advances in Phased Array Analog Beamforming Solutions

Advances in Phased Array
Analog Beamforming Solutions

Learn about phased array antennae, why they are useful and the difference between analog and digital beamforming.

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RF Product Selection Guide

Find the best parts for your phased array solutions with our full portfolio of over 1000 parts including mixers, control product, low noise amplifiers and Power Amplifiers.

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