40VIN, 1.2A, 4mm × 4mm × 1.82mm Silent Switcher µModule Regulator Fits into Tighter PCB Spaces

Oct 17 2018 - Norwood, MA
  • LTM8074

    Analog Devices announces the Power by Linear LTM8074, a 1.2A, 40VIN µModule® step-down regulator in a tiny 4mm × 4mm × 1.82mm, 0.65mm pitch BGA package. Its total solution size is 60mm2 for 3.2VIN-40VIN, 3.3VOUT requiring only two 0805 capacitors and two 0603 resistors. The low profile and light-weight (0.08g) package permits the device to be assembled on the backside of PCB where the topside is often very densely populated. Its Silent Switcher® architecture minimizes EMI emissions, enabling the LTM8074 to pass CISPR22 class B, and reduce the possibility of EMC susceptibility to other sensitive circuits.

    The LTM8074 can withstand up to 40V input and safely operate from an unregulated or fluctuating 12V or 24V supply in noisy environments such as avionics, factory automation and industrial robotics. The output voltage is adjustable with one resistor from 0.8V to 15V. This wide output voltage range provides versatility, allowing one product to generate voltage rails for I/O and digital ICs, as well as common system bus voltages such as 3.3V, 5V and 12V. The LTM8074 delivers 1.2A of continuous or 1.75A peak output current from 24VIN to 5VOUT in an 85°C ambient environment.

    The switching frequency can be set by an external single resistor, ranging from 200kHz to 2.2MHz or can be synchronized to an external clock. The LTM8074 has four operating modes: Burst Mode® operation, pulse-skipping mode, pulse-skipping mode with spread spectrum and external sync mode. The combination of Silent Switcher architecture, wide operating frequency range and multiple operating modes minimizes the risk of problems caused by electromagnetic interference, making it ideal for noise sensitive signal processing applications, including imaging and RF systems.

    The LTM8074 operating temperature range is –40°C to 125°C.For more information, visit www.analog.com/LTM8074.

    Summary of Features: LTM8074

    • Complete Step-Down Switch Mode Power Supply
    • Low Noise Silent Switcher® Architecture
    • Wide Input Voltage Range: 3.2V to 40V
    • Wide Output Voltage Range: 0.8V to 15V
    • 1.2A Continuous Output Current at 24VIN, 5VOUT, TA=85°C
    • 1.75A Peak Output Current at 3.3VOUT
    • Selectable Switching Frequency: 200kHz to 2.2MHz External Synchronization
    • Programmable Soft-Start
    • Tiny, Low Profile 4mm × 4mm × 1.82mm BGA Package

    Pricing and Availability
    Product Production Availability Price Each per 1,000 Package
    LTM8074 Now Starts at $3.83 4mm × 4mm × 1.82mm BGA

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