Analog Devices’ +48V Hot Swap Controller with Digital Power Monitoring Provides Superior Plug-in Board Protection and Minimizes Downtime

Mar 23 2017 - Norwood, MA
  • ADM1272-RGB-300x300-Title-WebAnalog Devices, Inc. (ADI), today announced the availability of the ADM1272, an innovative +48V hot swap controller and PMBus power monitor. Designed for high-voltage system control up to 80V, the ADM1272 provides reliable plug-in board protection in mission critical systems, such as servers and communication equipment. Advanced system control and board power monitoring provide superior protection against system faults and system resets from transients up to 120V, which minimizes system downtime and maximizes availability of the system across all conditions. Overall system reliability and MOSFET protection are dramatically increased with the ADM1272’s adaptable Safe Operating Area (SOA) protection feature. SOA protection also enables the use of MOSFETs with a smaller form factor and lower cost than traditional hot swap controller solutions. Other performance optimizing features include a PMBus digital interface that provides the system with real time telemetry and fault status information.

    In a datacenter, like many communications infrastructures, high availability and reliability is a critical part of the system design. Pluggable modules/PCBs, such as servers and storage, require a protection and control circuit at the power entry point, commonly referred to as a hot swap control circuit. The ADM1272 hot swap controller accommodates supply voltages from 16V to 80V and allows a circuit board to be removed from or inserted safely into a live backplane, eliminating the need to power it down. The ADM1272 also provides system protection from faults such as over current events, voltage transients and short circuits. Other features include current, voltage, power and energy readback using an integrated 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) accessed using a PMBus interface. This hot swap controller is able to stand off up to 120V making it very reliable by surviving surges and transients and avoiding resets, commonly associated with high voltage systems. Packaging is True High Voltage (80V) IPC-9592 compliant.

    Availability and Packaging
    Part Number Availability Package
    ADM1272 May 2017 8 mm × 7 mm, 48-Lead, LFCSP


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