Bias Generation and Level Setting Made Easy with Multiple Range, User Programmable Voltage Output D/A Converter

Feb 25 2015 - Norwood, MA
  • AD5761RAnalog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) today introduced a single-chip, universal output D/A converter which combines a 16-bit data converter, ±2 ppm/°C 2.5-V reference, output buffer and gain scaling function on-chip. The innovative feature set removes the need for external components, including gain setting precision resisters and amplifiers. In data acquisition and actuator control applications, this quickens and simplifies system design, enabling both unipolar and bipolar operation, through a software register update. Without affecting system design effort, cost or size, the new, flexible D/A converter facilitates design reuse across multi-functional end-equipment, while also enabling enhanced system functionality through the multiple output voltage ranges. Additionally, ADI announced two dual DC-DC regulators that power the new D/A converter with two independently regulated positive and negative rails for power sensitive applications. This simple two-chip solution enables users to generate bipolar 10-V outputs from only a single, low-voltage positive supply rail, which greatly simplifies system design and removes the need for routing multiple high-voltage rails.

    Offering a 60 percent space savings over previous discrete solutions, the AD5761R’s single-chip 3-mm × 3-mm LFCSP standard package is ideal for designs within shrinking form factors, such as actuator control. The total unadjusted error specification — ± 0.15% FSR max — is a true error including all on-chip circuitry and reference. This enables more accurate end systems and eliminates multiple system calibration routines in industrial environments. For a lower cost, less accurate option within the same series, a pin compatible 12-bit version and non-reference options are also available.

    AD5761R Key Specifications:

    • 8 software-programmable output ranges with 5% over-range: 0 V to 5 V, 0 V to 10 V, 0 V to 16 V, 0 V to 20 V, ±3 V, ±5 V, ±10 V, and −2.5 V to +7.5 V
    • Robust feature set including diagnostic, temperature, brownout and short circuit alert

    Pricing and Availability
    Product Production Availability Option Operating Temperature Range Packaging Price Each In 1,000 Quantities
     AD5761R  NOW  16-bit
    Reference on-chip
     −40°C to +125°  16-lead TSSOP
    16-lead LFCSP
     AD5721R  NOW
     12-bit  −40°C to +125° 16-lead TSSOP
    16-lead LFCSP 
     AD5761  NOW
     16-bit  −40°C to +125°  16-lead TSSOP
    16-lead LFCSP
     AD5721  NOW
     12-bit  −40°C to +125°  16-lead TSSOP
    16-lead LFCSP
     ADP5070  NOW
     1.0A Boost Switch
    0.6A Inverter Switch
     −40°C to 125°  20-lead LFCSP  $2.19
     ADP5071  NOW
     2.0A Boost Switch
    1.2A Inverter Switch
     −40°C to 125°  20-lead LFCSP  $2.39


    Complementary Products

    Complementary low-noise reference products for the AD5761R include the ADR4525 and other products comprising the ADR45XX family. Complementary low-noise positive LDOs include the ADM7160 for 5-V systems, the ADP7118 for 12-V systems and the ADP7142 for 24-V systems. The ADP7182 is a complementary low-noise negative LDO for 5-V, 12-V and 24-V systems.

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