Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s First 24-Bit Sigma Delta A/D Converter with Rail-to-Rail Analog and Reference Input Buffers On-chip

Ultralow noise, A/D converter with a fast and flexible output data rate for high precision instrumentation and process control applications

Nov 11 2014 - Norwood, MA
  • AD7175-2-PRAnalog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) introduced today the industry’s first sigma-delta converter with a fully integrated true rail-to-rail input buffer providing system designers with the industry’s leading noise performance at up to 250 kSPS throughput.

    The AD7175-2 A/D sigma-delta converter delivers 24 noise-free bits at 20 SPS and 17.2 noise-free bits at 250 kSPS providing designers a wider dynamic range, which enables smaller signal deviations to be measured as required within analytical laboratory instrumentation systems. With twice the throughput for the same power consumption versus competing solutions, the AD7175-2 enables faster, more responsive measurement systems providing a 50-kSPS/channel scan rate with 20 micro second settling time. This combination makes it an ideal choice for use in programmable-logic controller and distributed-control-system input modules.

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    The integrated, low-noise, true rail-to-rail input buffer enables quick and easy sensor interfacing, reduces design and layout complexity, simplifies analog drive circuitry and reduces PCB area. The AD717x family, with a wide range of pin and software compatible devices, allows consolidation and standardization across system platforms.

    AD7175-2 A/D Converter Features

    • User-configurable input channels
    • 2 differential or 4 single-ended channels
    • Per-channel independent programmability
    • Integrated 2.5-V buffered 2-ppm/°C reference
    • Flexible and per-channel programmable digital filters
    • Enhanced filters for simultaneous 50-Hz and 60-Hz rejection
    • −40°C to +105°Operating Temperature Range

    Pricing, Availability and Complimentary Components
    Products Production Availability
    Price Each In 1,000 Quantities
    NOW 250 ksps, 2/4 Ch Mux, Buffered I/P, 5V
    24-lead TSSOP
    SAMPLING 31 ksps, 2/4 Ch Mux, Buffered I/P, 3V/5V
    24-lead TSSOP
    NOW 250 ksps, 2/4 Ch Mux,Un-Buffered, 5V
    24-lead TSSOP
    SAMPLING 31 ksps, 4/8 Ch Mux, Buffered I/P, 3V/5V
    32-lead LFCSP
    31 ksps, 4/8 Ch Mux, Buffered I/P, 3V/5V
    32-lead LFCSP
    250 ksps, 8/16 Ch Mux, Buffered I/P,5V
    40-lead LFCSP
    NOW 31 ksps, 8/16 Ch Mux, Buffered I/P, 3V/5V
    40-lead LFCSP


    Complementary Components

    Complementary components to the AD7175-2 for designing signal chains include the ADA4528-2 ultra-low-noise, zero-drift operational amplifier, the AD8429 low-noise instrumentation amplifier and the AD8475 precision, fully-differential funnel amplifier.

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