Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s Fastest, Most Accurate and Lowest Power High-Temperature SAR A/D Converter

Specified to 175-degree Celsius operation, the AD7981 PulSAR® A/D converter targets high precision in harsh, high-temperature environments including downhole drilling, heavy industry and avionics.

Oct 8 2014 - Norwood, MA
  • High Temperature SAR ADC

    Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) today introduced the industry’s highest speed, high–temperature, 16-bit, A/D converter, which is more than twice as fast as currently available converters and provides error-free operation at temperatures of up to 175 degrees Celsius.

    With sample rates up to 600-kSPS, the AD7981 PulSAR® A/D converter is ideally suited for applications including wide bandwidth sonic and vibration measurement as well as low power, lower-bandwidth pressure and temperature sensing. The AD7981 maximizes battery life in harsh environments by scaling power linearly with the sample rate, using only 4.65 mW at a full speed of 600 kSPS and 70 µW at 10 kSPS. The A/D converter features typical performance of +/-0.7-LSB INL and 91-dB SNR enabling a high dynamic range with better accuracy and precision. This combination addresses critical performance criteria for precision measurement applications in harsh, high-temperature environments such as down-hole oil and gas drilling, as well as industrial and avionics applications.

    About ADI’s High-Temperature Portfolio

    The AD7981 adds to ADI’s portfolio of precision high-temperature components, including the AD8229 ultra-low-noise instrumentation amplifier; the ADR225 2.5-V band gap voltage reference; the AD8634 dual amplifier with rail-to-rail outputs and the ADXRS645 MEMS (micro-electromechanical) gyroscope, all of which are specified to operate at 175 degrees Celsius and higher. These components are specifically manufactured for high temperature environments and are production tested at high temperature to reduce risk and development time for these demanding applications.

    Product Production Availability Operating Temperature Range Packaging
    AD7981 NOW -55° C to +175° C 10-lead MSOP


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