Analog Devices Expands Its Industry Leading D/A Converter Portfolio

ADI introduces AD5686/96 quad 16-bit nanoDAC+ and AD5316R/7R quad 10-bit nanoDAC® D/A converters in tiny packages, targeting a wide range of instrumentation and communications applications.

Jul 31 2012 - Norwood, MA
  • Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), the data converter market share leader*, today introduced a second series of quad 16- and 12-bit 3V/5V D/A converters in space-saving 16-lead LFCSP and TSSOP packages. These new AD5686/96 nanoDAC+ quad D/A converters offer the industry’s best DC performance (INL is ±2LSB max, offset error is ±1.5mV max and gain error is ±0.1% max) in the smallest package (3mm x 3mm LFCSP), with SPI or I²C interface options. Applications such as PLC (programmable logic controller) I/O cards, digital oscilloscopes, signal generators and optical modules that require low power, rail-to-rail, single-supply D/A converters will benefit from the AD568x/9x series’ industry leading performance.

    Also today, ADI introduced the AD5316R and AD5317R quad 10-bit nanoDACs®. Both products offer similar DC performance to the AD5686/96, high robustness (up to 4-kV ESD), and low drift on-chip 2.5-V voltage reference in a 3mm x 3mm footprint. These D/A converters were developed to provide flexibility in terms of DAC output range and to meet the needs of cost sensitive applications with limited board space.

    Pricing, Availability and Related Products

    Samples and evaluation boards are currently available
    Part No. Availability Resolution (Bits) Interface Price
    AD5686 Now 16 SPI $7.86
    AD5696 Now 16 I2C $7.86
    AD5684 Now 12 SPI $4.60
    AD5694 Now 12 I2C $4.60
    AD5316R Now 10 I2C $2.88
    AD5317R Now 10 SPI $2.88


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    Interface Reference 16-Bit 14-Bit 12-Bit 10-Bit
    SPI Internal AD5686R AD5685R AD5684R AD5317R
    I2C Internal AD5696R AD5695R AD5694R AD5316R


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