16-bit, 130Msps ADC Delivers 100dBc SFDR for High Performance Receivers & Instrumentation

Sep 6 2005 -MILPITAS, CA
  • A new 16-bit, 130Msps ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) by Linear Technology Corporation extends the company's leadership in high speed (ADCs) for the most demanding wideband, low noise, signal acquisition applications. The LTC2208 ADC addresses the key requirements for maximizing performance of high sensitivity receivers and data acquisition systems. The device's exceptional spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) performance of 100dBc, combined with 78dB signal to noise ratio (SNR), enable it to resolve low level signals in the presence of large interferers and blockers. The LTC2208 is the fastest 16-bit, high performance ADC on the market today.

    The LTC2208 family innovates ADC technology for digital receivers by incorporating two unique features that simplify receiver design and improve system performance. The first is an internal transparent dither circuit that improves the ADC's spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) response well beyond 100dBc for low level input signals. The second feature is a digital output randomizer that dramatically reduces unwanted tones caused by digital feedback. The flexible digital outputs can be run as CMOS or LVDS.

    The LT2208 also features a programmable gain amplifier (PGA) front end that eases the ADC driver output power requirements when driving the lower input range of 1.5 VP-P. This improves the distortion performance and power consumption of the driver with minimal impact on ADC noise performance.

    The LTC2208 packages an extensive feature set in a 9mm × 9mm QFN package delivering low power consumption at 1250mW without the need for heat sinking. Most importantly, both the power consumption and total solution size with integrated bypass capacitance are less than half that of the nearest competitor. Designed for ease of use, it requires only a single 3.3V supply for operation and comes with a clock duty cycle stabilizer for maintaining the ADC performance over varying duty cycles. The LTC2208 can accept high frequency, wide dynamic range signals, offering a wide analog input bandwidth of 700MHz.

    The LTC2208 family includes speed grades of 130Msps, 105Msps, 80Msps, 65Msps, 40Msps, 25Msps and 10Msps all with superior SFDR and SNR performance. In addition to the 16-bit parts, 14-bit versions of this family will also be available. All devices are supported with demo boards for quick device evaluation. Samples and demo boards for the LTC2208 are available today, and production quantities in October for both commercial and industrial temperature grades and are competitively priced at $65 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

    The following table provides the entire LTC2208 product family. All parts can be ordered in optional lead free packages for RoHS compliance.

    Part Number Resolution Speed Power Availability Price (1k)
    LTC2208 16-bit 130Msps 1250mW Now $65.00
    LTC2207 16-bit 105Msps 850mW Oct $56.67
    LTC2206 16-bit 800Msps 640mW Oct $48.33
    LTC2205 16-bit 65Msps 450mW Oct $43.33
    LTC2204 16-bit 40Msps 350mW Oct $35.00
    LTC2203 16-bit 25Msps 220mW Oct $30.00
    LTC2202 16-bit 10Msps 150mW Oct $25.00
    LTC2208-14 14-bit 130Msps 1250mW Nov $55.00
    LTC2207-14 14-bit 105Msps 850mW Nov $45.00
    LTC2206-14 14-bit 80Msps 640mW Nov $33.00
    LTC2205-14 14-bit 65Msps 450mW Nov $68.00



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