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我们的nanoPower Technology解决方案提供先进的架构,可延长运行时间、减少散热并缩小尺寸,从而提升效率。


Value and Benefits

Typical battery-powered applications operate mostly in an idle state, waiting for something to happen. This could be a timed event that occurs at regular intervals or a user-enabled event. The system takes the appropriate action, such as reading a sensor and displaying the results, then returns to a sleep state until the next event. By having ultralow current consumption in the operating and idle states, the system can function longer with smaller batteries. Consider real-world, day-to-day examples, such as a remote environment sensor monitoring weather and air quality or an idle wireless mouse not in use but not switched off.

nanoPower enables single-function analog and mixed-signal ICs to consume less than 1 μA of supply current or IQ while in waiting mode. Below, learn more about how nanoPower ICs (i.e., voltage regulators, supervisors, op amps, and comparators) can revolutionize system design.

Internet of things (IoT) sensor circuits need long lives and are often deployed in the field, where they are powered by a battery or a renewable power source, such as light. These devices often have steady, low loads combined with high power consumption peaks when measuring and transmitting data. nanoPower Technology solutions optimize both light load and peak consumption requirements of these applications.

On-device artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing machine learning. AI-enabled devices at the edge reduce the need for low latency timing decisions and bypass barriers to cloud data transmission. nanoPower technology allows AI-enabled devices to operate at extremely low power.

As healthcare extends from the hospital to the home and beyond, medical equipment requirements change and expand. Low power measurement and communication have become critical for monitoring and delivering treatment. nanoPower Technology products preserve battery life and enable smaller battery sizes. This makes equipment lighter, more user-friendly, and better at delivering the right results.

Deploying personnel to take measurements in the field is time-consuming and expensive. Measurements must also be accurate the first time to avoid energy-consuming repetition. Further, portable instruments must be light and easy to carry. nanoPower Technology products solve the performance and power consumption conundrum for innovative designers facing the latest technology challenges.

Consumer devices are prime real estate for integrating nanoPower Technology. Its building block approach lets system architects and designers select unique features and optimize system performance. Many nanoPower products, like supervisors and comparators, consume so little power that they may be considered energy free.

Line-powered devices benefit from nanoPower Technology with reduced heat dissipation, especially in space-constrained systems without forced cooling. These systems also reduce vampire power and overall system power consumption, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

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Extends product operation time between battery recharges or replacements

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Ensures minimal heat and power consumption with optimal performance

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Enables lighter, more user-friendly equipment

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