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Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) Solutions

Cameras and displays are constantly growing in numbers and image quality, requiring higher data rates for video transport. Analog Devices’ GMSLTM is supporting these trends and simplifying the system architecture in this process. GMSL links and transports video from cameras to computers, between computers, and from computers to displays. Innovation in GMSL continues with the next generation, further enabling advanced features and capabilities for higher performance compute and software-defined applications.

We ease the transition from one GMSL generation to the next by making the new GMSL generation backward compatible with the previous generation.


Value and Benefits

GMSL transports everything that the ADAS sensor needs over a single coax or STP cable, and GMSL-connected cameras typically require only a single connector for video, power supply, controls, synchronization, haptics, touch, software updates, status reporting, and more. This results in substantial weight, energy, A/V cost, and complexity reduction. Displays can be daisy-chained, and any video protocols can be bridged together – for example, DisplayPort to CSI-2, or HDMI to OLDI.

With Analog Devices’ GMSL you can achieve any level of ASIL solution. Our solutions are performance leaders in the SerDes market with data rates up to 12 Mbps in mass production today. With over 100 optimized parts, GMSL ensures success across small system form factor and low power requirements.

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Transports multiple video streams over a single cable while reducing system weight, cost, power and complexity

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Backwards compatible and adaptive equalization

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Achieves any level of ASIL solution

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