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480-MFLOP, Quad DSP, 3.3v, CBGA Package

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  • ADSP-21060 Core Processor(...x4)
  • 480 MFLOPS Peak, 320 MFLOPS Sustained
  • 25 ns Instruction Rate, Single-Cycle Instruction Execution-Each of Four Processors
  • 16 Mbit Shared SRAM (Internal to SHARCs)
  • 4 Gigawords Addressable Off-Module Memory
  • Sixteen 40 Mbyte/s Link Ports (Four per SHARC)
  • Eight 40 Mbit/s Independent Serial Ports (Two from Each SHARC)
  • 5 V and 3.3 V Operation
  • 32-Bit Single Precision and 40-Bit Extended Precision IEEE Floating Point Data Formats,
    or 32-Bit FixedPoint data Format
  • IEEE JTAG Standard 1149.1 Test Access Port and On-Chip Emulation
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The AD14160 Quad-SHARC Ceramic Ball Grid Array (CBGA) puts the power of the first generation AD14060 (CQFP) DSP multiprocessor into a very high density ball grid array package; now with additional link and serial I/O pinned out, beyond that from the CQFP package. The core of the multiprocessor is the ADSP-21060 DSP Microcomputer. The AD14X60 modules have the highest performance-density and lowest cost-performance ratios of any in their class. They are ideal for applications requiring higher levels of performance and/or functionality per unit area.

The modules embed several hundred feet of highly-optimized signal interconnect into the package, eliminating complexity and design time from your PCB design. The result is unmatchable performance in a robust little package. Also, board complexity, board layers, and even entire boards can now be eliminated from your system.

The AD14160 takes advantage of the built-in multiprocessing features of the ADSP-21060, to achieve 480 peak MFLOPS with a single chip type, in a single package. The on-chip SRAM of the DSPs provides 16 Mbits of on-module shared SRAM. The complete shared bus (48-bit data, 32-address) is also brought off-module for interfacing with expansion memory and/or other peripherals.

The ADSP-21060 link ports are interconnected to provide direct communication among the four SHARCs as well as a high-speed off-module access. Internally, links connect the SHARC in a ring. Externally, each SHARC has a total of 160 Mbytes/sec link port bandwidth.

Multiprocessor performance is enhanced with embedded power and ground planes, matched impedance interconnect, and optimized signal routing lengths and separation. The fully tested and ready-to-insert multiprocessor also significantly reduces board space.


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