Arrows' Embedded Platform Concept Based on ADI Blackfin® Processor

Analog Devices' Blackfin Helps Young Inventors Win Junior Championship at Robocup 2009
German brothers use Arrow's Embedded Platform Concept and Blackfin to score goal in world's largest event for intelligent and autonomous robots. 

Arrows' Embedded Platform Concept is a module concept that enables flexible combinations of components. Specific customer requirements can be flexibly accommodated through this modular structure, in terms of hardware as well as software. The Embedded Platform Concept based on Analog Devices Processor and Power Management Technologies is designed to support and optimize a variety of applications such as control, industrial, and medical.

Arrow’s Embedded Platform Concept complete package support for Analog Devices is based on Analog Devices Blackfin ADSP-BF527 Processor and Analog Devices ADP1829 and ADP2107 power management products. The concept is modular so each can be used/purchased separately.

Blackfin ADSP-BF527 Processor Module and ADI DC/DC Board featuring ADP 1829/ADP2107Features

The complete kit consists of the Blackfin ADSP-BF527 Processor module:

  • 533 MHz / up to 1066 MMACS Blackfin DSP core
  • Ethernet with dual-port industrial PHY
  • USB Host / Device / OTG
  • UART / SPI / I²C / PWM / GPIO / IRQ
  • Several boot options (UART, SPI Flash, Parallel Flash etc.)

ADI DC/DC Board Featuring ADP1829 and ADP2107

  • DC output voltages: 3.3V/2A, 5V/2A and 12V/1A
  • Input voltage 15 18V DC
  • High-efficiency synchronous buck converters
  • Interleaved switched input voltage

Example Applications

Processors Supported

Complementary ADI Components


Operating Systems

  • Equipped with Linux BSP, but other O/S supported

Supporting Documents

Third Party Support