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ADG729:  CMOS, Low Voltage, 2 Wire, Serially Controlled Dual 4 to 1 Matrix Switch

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The ADG729 is a CMOS analog matrix switch with a serially controlled 2-wire interface. It is a dual 4-channel matrix switch. On resistance is closely matched between switches and very flat over the full signal range. This part can operate equally well as a multiplexer, demultiplexer or switch array and the input signal range extends to the supplies.

The ADG728 and ADG729 utilize a 2-wire serial interface that is compatible with the I2C™ interface standard. Both have two external address pins (A0 and A1). This allows the 2 LSBs of the 7-bit slave address to be set by the user. Four of each of the devices can be connected to the one bus. The ADG728 also has a RESET pin that should be tied high if not in use.

Each channel is controlled by one bit of an 8-bit word. This means that these devices may be used in a number of different configurations; all, any, or none of the channels may be on at any one time.

On power-up of the device, all switches will be in the OFF condition and the internal shift register will contain all zeros.

All channels exhibit break-before-make switching action preventing momentary shorting when switching channels.

The ADG728 and ADG729 are available in 16-lead TSSOP packages.

Product Highlights
  1. 2-Wire Serial Interface.
  2. Single Supply Operation. The ADG728 and ADG729 are fully specified and guaranteed with 3 V and 5 V supply rails.
  3. Low On Resistance 2.5 Ω typical.
  4. Any configuration of switches may be on at any one time.
  5. Guaranteed Break-Before-Make Switching Action.
  6. Small 16-Lead TSSOP Package.


  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Relay Placement
  • Audio and Video Switching
  • Automatic Test Equipment


  • 2-Wire Serial Interface
  • 2.7 V to 5.5 V Single Supply
  • 2.5 Ω On Resistance
  • 0.75 Ω On-Resistance Flatness
  • 100 pA Leakage Currents
  • Dual 4-to-1 Matrix Switch
  • Power-On Reset
  • Small 16-Lead TSSOP Package
  • Qualified for Automotive Applications

Functional Block Diagram for ADG729


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