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ADM8693:  µP Supervisor with Backup Battery Switchover, Watchdog Feature, Power Fail Warning, 4.4V Threshold Voltage, 100mA Output Current. Upgrade for ADM693 with Reduced Power Consumption and Faster Gating of Chip Enable Signals

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The ADM8690–ADM8695 family of supervisory circuits offers complete single chip solutions for power supply monitoring and battery control functions in microprocessor systems. These functions include mP reset, backup battery switchover, watchdog timer, CMOS RAM write protection and power failure warning. The complete family provides a variety of configurations to satisfy most microprocessor system requirements.

The ADM8690, ADM8692 and ADM8694 are available in 8-pin DIP packages and provide:

  1. Power-on reset output during power-up, power-down and brownout conditions. The RESET output remains operational with VCC as low as 1 V.
  2. Battery backup switching for CMOS RAM, CMOS microprocessor or other low power logic.
  3. A reset pulse if the optional watchdog timer has not been toggled within a specified time.
  4. A 1.3 V threshold detector for power fail warning, low battery detection or to monitor a power supply other than +5 V.

The ADM8691, ADM8693 and ADM8695 are available in 16-pin DIP and small outline packages (including TSSOP) and provide three additional functions:

  1. Write protection of CMOS RAM or EEPROM.
  2. Adjustable reset and watchdog timeout periods.
  3. Separate watchdog timeout, backup battery switchover, and low VCC status outputs.

Functional Block Diagram for ADM8693


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ADM8690-ADM8695: Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits Data Sheet (Rev B, 06/2011) (pdf, 0) Технические описания PDF
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Supervisory Devices Complementary Parts Guide for Xilinx FPGAs  (pdf, 661 kB) Product Selection Guide PDF
Voltage Monitoring Products Applications Guide  (pdf, 1808 kB) Техническая периодика PDF
Voltage Monitoring and Sequencing (2009/2010)  (pdf) Обзор PDF
Voltage Monitoring Products 2008  (pdf, 3930 kB) Обзор PDF
Power System Management (Spring 2007)  (pdf, 1170 kB) Обзор PDF
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