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AD2S44:  Low Cost, 14-Bit, Dual Channel Synchro/Resolver-to-Digital Converter

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The AD2S44 is a 14-bit dual channel, continuous tracking synchro/ resolver-to-digital converter. It has been designed specifically for applications where space, weight, and cost are at a premium. Each 32-lead hybrid device contains two independent Type II servo loop tracking converters. The ratiometric conversion technique employed provides excellent noise immunity and tolerance of long lead lengths.

The core of each conversion is performed by state-of-the-art mono-lithic, integrated circuits manufactured by the Analog Devices, Inc., proprietary BiMOS II process, which combines the advantages of low power CMOS digital logic with bipolar linear circuits. The use of these ICs keeps the internal component count low and ensures high reliability.

The built-in test (BIT) facility can be used in failsafe systems to provide an indication of whether the converter is tracking accurately.

Each channel incorporates a high accuracy differential condi-tioning circuit for signal inputs providing more than 74 dB of common-mode rejection. Options are available for both synchro and resolver format inputs. The converter output is via a three-state transparent latch allowing data to be read without interruption of the converter operation. The A/B and OE control lines select the channel and present the digital position to the common data outputs.

The AD2S44 also features independent reference inputs where different reference frequencies can be used for each channel.

All components are 100% tested at −55°C, +25°C, and +125°C. Devices are processed to high reliability screening standards and receive further levels of testing and screening to ensure high levels of reliability.


  • Low per-channel cost
  • 32-lead DIL hybrid package
  • 2.6 arc minute accuracy
  • 14-bit resolution
  • Built-in test
  • Independent reference inputs
  • High tracking rate

AD2S44 Functional Block Diagram


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AD2S44: Low Cost, 14-Bit, Dual Channel Synchro/Resolver-to-Digital Converter Data Sheet (Rev B, 10/2011) (pdf, 3976 kB) Технические описания PDF
AN-264: Dynamic Characteristics of Tracking Converter  (pdf, 205 kB) Статьи по применению PDF
AN-263: Resolver to Digital Conversion; Simple Alternative to Optical Shaft Encoders  (pdf, 520 kB) Статьи по применению PDF
AN-214: Правила заземления для быстродействующих схем  (pdf, 356 kB)
Layout and Wiring Are Critical in Video Converter Circuits.
Статьи по применению PDF
AN-214: Ground Rules for High Speed Circuits  (pdf, 356 kB)
Layout and Wiring Are Critical in Video Converter Circuits.
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Single Chip DSP Motor Control Systems Catching on in Home Appliances  (pdf, 18 kB)
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DSP Motor Control in Domestic Appliance Applications  (pdf, 161 kB)
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Space Qualified Parts List  (pdf, 93 kB)
This document lists 67 (240+) space level products that are available from Analog Devices. Many of the products listed are state-of-the-art data conversion and signal processing products that were previously only available as commercial or military Class B products. Through our Space Products Group and MIL-PRF-38535 certified Level V (Class S) facility, we are pleased to offer these products to the space marketplace.
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