For over 40 years, Analog Devices has defined innovation and excellence in signal processing technologies. Our comprehensive portfolio of linear, mixed-signal, MEMS, and digital processing technologies set industry standards and are backed by leading design tools, applications support, and systems expertise. We take a true systems approach to functional integration and collaborate with our customers to create differentiation in the marketplace. Analog Devices products and technologies make a difference in healthcare designs—helping shape the future of diagnostics and monitoring equipment, as well as health and wellness devices.

Computer Tomography (CT)

ADI current-to-digital converter technology redefines high slice count computer tomography (CT) systems by accurately capturing real-time moving images and reducing scan time.

Digital XRay

ADI analog-to-digital converters, amplifiers, and analog front ends enable fast digital X-ray systems to meet the requirements of the growing, high performance portable market.


Analog Devices microcontrollers, converters, and amplifiers provide designers with discrete, integrated solutions for their ECG applications.

Healthcare Meter-on-a-Chip

The future of portable health applications begins with Analog Devices healthcare meter on a chip technology, which provides a high precision, low power solution for designers.


The ADI ultrasound portfolio helps designers maximize image quality, reduce power consumption, and lower costs in cart-based and battery-powered portable ultrasound equipment.