a woman on a run checking her activity stats on a smart watch with overlays of that data above her arm
a woman on a run checking her activity stats on a smart watch with overlays of that data above her arm


Remote Patient Monitoring and Data Management for Clinical Trials and Beyond

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)’s remote patient monitoring system is configurable to patient-centered settings with tailored access to data (raw through insights), providing the full picture to sponsors and investigators. Our expertise in data management, from collection through interpretation, supports a complete and holistic remote patient monitoring process. As a trusted global supplier, ADI guarantees that our solutions meet the highest standards in quality, regulation, and compliance.

To learn more, please contact us at RPMSolutions@analog.com

Patient Monitoring Process

Benefits of Partnering with Analog Devices

  • Configurable solutions designed with patients in mind to drive compliance

  • Expertise and support in data management from collection through interpretation

  • Tailored access to data (raw through insights) to help you understand the full picture

  • Trusted global supplier aligned with your quality, regulatory, and compliance policies
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Patents & Publications

These publications represent a small sample of the works we have generated. Our company is continually engaged in collaborations and partnerships with various entities. Due to the nature of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), we are unable to disclose all ongoing and upcoming collaborations on this website.

Analog Devices Study Watch Platform: Generate Data Quickly to
Validate Clinical Use Cases

Run Proof-of-Concept Studies with Our Platform to Guide Your Investment Decisions


Data Collection

  • Configurable solution
    Customized for your specific clinical use case/study protocol

  • State-of-the-art sensors
    Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors to accurately monitor and report core vitals and patient activity

  • High patient compliance
    The lightweight, ergonomic design ensures comfort for all-day wear to encourage patient compliance
Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation

  • Access to raw sensor data
    Enables investigators to see the full picture, further develop clinical use cases, and develop proprietary algorithms

  • Third-party device integration
    Seamlessly integrates data streams from multiple devices to tell the full story

  • Dashboard View
    Enables users to easily aggregate and visualize study data


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HealthConnectKit: Bridging Advanced Connectivity to Health Monitoring

To request a demo, please contact us at HealthConnectKit@analog.com

Key Features & Benefits

Universal Compatibility

Connects to weight scales, heart rate monitors, glucose meters, and more.

Unified Device Integration

Enables access to multiple devices simultaneously through a singular, intuitive API.


Supports both native Android and native iOS platforms, ensuring seamless functionality across diverse mobile ecosystems.

Customizable Settings

Enables the creation of custom mobile applications, giving partners the ability to control and configure devices for a tailored experience.

Third-Party Device Integration

Seamlessly integrates time-synchronized data streams from multiple devices to create a more complete picture of patient health.


Ensures compatibility with the latest wearable and wireless medical devices via regular updates to our SDK, making the solution a future-proof choice for health monitoring.


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