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ADSP-2161:  DSP Microcomputers With ROM

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The ADSP-216x processors provide the option of custom ROM programming to users of ADSP-2100 Family devices. Pin compatible to the ADSP-2101, -2115, and -2105, the ADSP-216x family can reduce system cost in these designs by eliminating the need for any external memory devices.


  • 25 MIPS, 40 ns Maximum Instruction Rate (5 V)
  • Separate On-Chip Buses for Program and Data Memory
  • Program Memory Stores Both Instructions and Data (Three-Bus Performance)
  • Dual Data Address Generators with Modulo and Bit-Reverse Addressing
  • Efficient Program Sequencing with Zero-Overhead Looping: Single-Cycle Loop Setup
  • Double-Buffered Serial Ports with Companding Hardware, Automatic Data Buffering and Multichannel Operation
  • Three Edge- or Level-Sensitive Interrupts
  • Low Power IDLE Instruction
  • PLCC and MQFP Packages

Functional Block Diagram


Title Content Type File Type
ADSP-2161/ADSP-2162/ADSP-2163/ADSP-2164/ADSP-2165/ADSP-2166: DSP Microcomputers With ROM Data Sheet  (Rev 0, 02/2000) (pdf, 243 kB) Data Sheets PDF
AN-227: Digital Control System Design with the ADSP-2100 Family  (pdf) Application Notes PDF
EE-32: Language Extensions: Memory Storage Types, ASM & Inline Constructs  (pdf, 89 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-334: Digital Signal Processing Techniques  (pdf, 982 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-344: Digital FIR Filters without Tears  (pdf, 659 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-524: ADV601/ADV611 Bin Width Calculation in ADSP-21xx DSP  (pdf, 84 kB) Application Notes PDF
EE-37: How to Interface an LCD to the 21xx and 2106x Family DSP's  (pdf, 19 kB) Application Notes PDF
EE-90: Using the 21xx C-FFT Library  (pdf, 204 kB) Application Notes PDF
EE-74: Analog Devices Serial Port Development and Troubleshooting Guide  (pdf, 343 kB) Application Notes PDF
EE-60: Simulating an RS-232 UART Using the Synchronous Serial Ports on the ADSP-21xx Family DSPs  (pdf, 257 kB) Application Notes PDF
EE-48: Converting Legacy 21xx Systems To A 218x System Design  (pdf, 266 kB) Application Notes PDF
EE-36: ADSP-21xx Interface to the IOM-2 bus  (pdf, 46 kB) Application Notes PDF
EE-33: Programming The ADSP-21xx Timer In C  (pdf, 0 kB) Application Notes PDF
EE-19: Boot Paging II: Maximizing Boot-Memory Efficiency on the ADSP-21xx family DSP's (excluding the ADSP-218x)  (pdf, 322 kB) Application Notes PDF
EE-18: Choosing and Using FFTs for ADSP-21xx  (pdf, 16 kB) Application Notes PDF
EE-06: ADSP-21xx Serial Port Startup Issues  (pdf, 8 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-227:  Digital Control System Design with the ADSP-2100 Family  (pdf, 671 kB) Application Notes PDF
Using the ADSP-2100 Family Volume 2 (Rev 1.0)  (zip, 2219 kB) | Request a CD Processor Manuals ZIP
VisualDSP++ 5.0 Loader and Utilities Manual (Revision 2.5, January 2011)  (pdf, 2246 kB) Software Manuals PDF
ADSP-2100 DSP User's Manual (Revision 3)  (zip, 3866 kB) Legacy Processor Manuals ZIP
For Efficient Signal Processing in Embedded Systems, Take a DSP, not a RISC
(Analog Dialogue, Vol. 30, No. 3, 1996)
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Industrial ICs Solutions Bulletin, Volume 10, Issue 8
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