ADP2116 Evaluation Board

Product Details

The ADP2116 evaluation (demo) board is a complete, dual, step-down, dc-to-dc converter design based on the ADP2116, a configurable, dual 3 A/single 6 A, synchronous step-down, dc-to-dc regulator.


  • EVAL-ADP2116: Evaluation Board for ADP2116  (pdf, 1047 kB)
  • ADIsimPower™ Voltage Regulator Design Tool
    This expert design tool produces custom DC-DC converter designs in about a minute. The user enters 5 inputs and chooses to optimize for efficiency, PCB space, cost, or part count. Output is a complete schematic, BOM, efficiency plot, and performance summary. A PDF summary and a blank PCB is offered for each design to facilitate fast prototyping to verify the design.
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