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HiTech Global's HTG-V7-PCIE-CXP board powered by Xilinx Virtex-7 V2000T, V585, or X690T, the HTG-710 is ideal for High-End networking applications requiring multi port data transfer above 100Gbps. This board is also ideal for ASIC/SOC prototyping, high-performance computing, high-end image processing, PCI Express Gen 2 & 3 development, and general purpose FPGA development.

The High Pin Count (HPC) FMC connector provides access to 160 single-ended I/Os (80 LVDS) and 4 high-speed Serial Transceivers of the on board Virtex 7 FPGA. Availability of over 100 different off-the-shelf FMC modules extend functionality of the board for variety of different applications with minimum effort and cost.

Eight lane of PCI Express Gen 2 is supported by the hard coded controllers inside the Virtex 7 FPGA. The board's layout, performance of the Virtex 7 FPGA fabric, high speed serial transceivers (used for PHY interface), flexible on-board clock/jitter attenuator, along with soft PCI Express Gen 3 IP core allow usage of the board for PCI Express Gen3 applications.

The HTG-710 Virtex 7 FPGA board can be used either in PCI Express mode (plugged into host PC/Server) or stand alone mode (powered by external ATX or wall power supply).

Virtex -7 High-End Networking Card With Dual CXP Ports

HTG-V7-PCIE-CXP Power Tree

Linear Technology Components

LTM4620 Dual 13A or Single 26A DC/DC µModule Regulator.

LT3070 5A, low-noise, programmable output, 85 mV dropout linear regulator.

LTM4618 6A DC/DC μModule Regulator with Tracking and Frequency Synchronization.

LTM4627 15A DC/DC μModule (Power Module) Regulator.

HTG-V7-PCIE-CXP Block Diagram

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