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AD1877:  Single-Supply 16-Bit (Sigma Delta) Stereo ADC

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The AD1877 is a stereo, 16-bit oversampling ADC based on Sigma Delta technology. This part is intended primarily for digital audio applications requiring a single 5 V power supply. Each single-ended channel consists of a fourth-order one-bit noise shaping modulator and a digital decimation filter. An on-chip voltage reference, stable over temperature and time, defines the full-scale range for both channels. Digital output data from both channels are time-multiplexed to a single, flexible serial interface. The AD1877 accepts a 256 × FS or a 384 × FS input clock and operates in both serial port "master" and "slave" modes. In slave mode, all clocks must be externally derived from a common source.

The flexible serial output port, which is configured with pin selections, produces data in two s-complement, MSB-first format. The input and output signals are TTL-compatible. Each 16-bit output word of a stereo pair can be formatted within a 32-bit field of a 64-bit frame as either right-justified, I2S-compatible, Word Clock controlled or left-justified positions. Both 16-bit samples can also be packed into a 32-bit frame, in left-justified and I2S-compatible positions.

The AD1877 is fabricated on a single monolithic integrated circuit using a 0.8 µm CMOS double polysilicon, double metal process, and is offered in a plastic 28-lead SOIC package. Analog and digital supply connections are separated to isolate the analog circuitry from the digital supply and reduce digital crosstalk. The AD1877 operates from a single 5 V power supply over the temperature range of 0°C to +70°C, and typically consumes less than 260 mW of power.


  • Single 5 V Power Supply
  • Single-Ended Dual-Channel Analog Inputs
  • 92 dB (Typ) Dynamic Range
  • 90 dB (Typ) S/(THD + N)
  • 0.006 dB Decimator Pass-Band Ripple
  • Fourth Order, 64X Oversampling Σ-Δ Modulator
  • Three-Stage, Linear-Phase Decimator
  • 256 x fS or 384 x fS Input Clock
  • Less than 100 µW (Typ)
    Power-Down Mode
  • Input Overrange Indication,
    On-Chip Voltage Reference
  • Flexible Serial Output Interface
  • 28-Lead SOIC Package

Functional Block Diagram for AD1877


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AD1877: Single-Supply 16-Bit Sigma Delta Stereo ADC Data Sheet (Rev A, 08/2000) (pdf, 290 kB) Data Sheets PDF
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Layout and Wiring Are Critical in Video Converter Circuits.
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AN-211: The Alexander Current-Feedback Audio Power Amplifier  (pdf, 1154 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-327: DAC ICs: How Many Bits Is Enough?  (pdf, 345 kB)
Digital audio playback DACs are available in a variety of different architectures--each with it's own performance tradeoffs.
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