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ADV8003:  Video Signal Processor with Bitmap OSD, Dual HDMI Tx, and Video Encoder

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The ADV8003 is a multiple input video signal processor that can de-interlace and scale SD, ED, or HD video data to HD formats, generate a bitmap on-screen display (OSD) and output the video with OSD overlaid on two High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) transmitters and a video encoder.

Video can be input into the ADV8003 in a number of ways: using the 48-bit TTL pixel port, using the 24-bit external OSD TTL pixel port, or from a device with a HDMI transmitter such as the ADV7850. The ADV8003 supports many of the formats outlined in the CEA-861 and VESA specifications, as well as several other widely used timing formats.

Using two external DDR2 memories, the ADV8003 can perform high performance, motion adaptive interlaced to progressive conversion on SD and HD content. Using a single DDR2 memory, the HD de-interlacing is limited to intrafield.

The ADV8003 features primary and secondary video scalers that enable simultaneous output of multiple different resolutions. Detail enhancement and image enhancing techniques such as random, mosquito, and block noise reduction allow for improved final image quality. The frame rate converter of the ADV8003 allows the conversion between common frame rates with support to output two different frame rates simultaneously under certain conditions.

The ADV8003 has a flexible digital core that allows the user to configure the part in several different modes: using a single video processing channel, using dual video processing channels, or displaying OSD on multiple outputs of different resolutions. The ADV8003 can accept OSD information from either an external OSD source on the 24-bit external OSD TTL pixel data input or internally generate a high quality, bitmap-based OSD. The internal OSD is highly flexible and allows the system designer to easily incorporate features like scrolling text and animation in various color depths up to 24-bit true color.

Analog Devices, Inc., provides an OSD development tool (Blimp) to assist in the design, debug, and emulation of the OSD prior to integration with the system application. When the design is complete, the OSD development tool automatically generates code to which system APIs can be added before integration with the system application and an OSD design resource, which must be downloaded to an external SPI flash memory.

Video can be output from the ADV8003 using one or both of the HDMI transmitters and/or the 6-DAC SD/HD video encoder. The flexible multiplexing in the part allows simultaneous output of HD formats on the HDMI transmitters and on the HD DACs (for example, 1080p) with SD formats on the SD DACs (for example, 480i).

Both of the HDMI transmitters on the ADV8003 support all mandatory and many optional 3D video resolutions and audio return channels (ARC). Each transmitter also features a full CEC master. The ADV8003 can receive up to six channels of I2S, S/PDIF, direct stream digital (DSD), and high bit rate (HBR). The six 12-bit NSV® video DACs allow for composite (CVBS), S-Video (Y/C), and component (YPrPb) analog outputs in standard, enhanced, and high definition video formats. Oversampling of 216 MHz (SD and ED) and 297 MHz (HD) removes the requirement for external output filtering.

The ADV8003 can also support 30-bit TTL in and 30-bit TTL out mode for professional applications.

The ADV8003 supports the I2C® protocol for communication with the system microcontroller.


  • High end A/V receivers
  • Upconverting DVD players/recorders
  • Blu-ray players/recorders
  • Set-top boxes
  • Video conferencing
  • Standalone video processors
  • HDMI splitters


  • Video signal processor
    -- Full 12-bit, 4:4:4 YUV internal processing
    -- Motion adaptive de-interlacing with ultralow angle interpolation
    -- Dual scalers using ADI proprietary algorithms
  • On-screen display (OSD)
    -- Internally generated bitmap-based OSD allowing overlay on one or more video outputs
    -- Overlay on 3D video formats
  • HDMI transmitters
    -- Dual HDMI transmitters enabling splitter capability
    -- Content type bits
    -- CEC 1.4 controller
  • Noise Shaped Video (NSV) six-DAC video encoder
    -- Six 12-bit NSV video DACs
    -- Multiformat video output support
  • See data sheet for additional features

Functional Block Diagram for ADV8003

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ADV8003KBCZ-7 Status: Contact ADI 425 ball CSPBGA (19X19mm) 425 Comm. Tray, 84 $68.96 $51.08 Y  Material Info Notify Me Purchase
ADV8003KBCZ-7B Status: Production 425 ball CSPBGA (19X19mm) 425 Comm. Tray, 84 $51.71 $38.30 Y  Material Info Notify Me Purchase
ADV8003KBCZ-7C Status: Production 425 ball CSPBGA (19X19mm) 425 Comm. Tray, 84 $58.17 $43.09 Y  Material Info Notify Me Purchase
ADV8003KBCZ-7T Status: Production 425 ball CSPBGA (19X19mm) 425 Comm. Tray, 84 $53.80 $39.85 Y  Material Info Notify Me Purchase
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EVAL-ADV8003-SMZ Status: Contact ADI Evaluation Board $399.00 Yes -
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