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AD779:  14-Bit 128 kSPS Complete Sampling ADC

Product Details

The AD779 is a complete, multipurpose 14-bit monolithic analog-to-digital converter, consisting of a sample-hold amplifier (SHA), a microprocessor compatible bus interface, a voltage reference and clock generation circuitry.

The AD779 is specified for ac (or “dynamic”) parameters such as S/N+D ratio, THD and IMD which are important in signal processing applications. In addition, the AD779K, B and T grades are fully specified for dc parameters which are important in measurement applications.

The 14 data bits are accessed by a 16-bit bus in a single read operation. Data format is straight binary for unipolar mode and twos complement binary for bipolar mode. The input has a fullscale range of 10 V with a full power bandwidth of 1 MHz and a full linear bandwidth of 500 kHz. High input impedance (10 MW) allows direct connection to unbuffered sources without signal degradation.

This product is fabricated on Analog Devices’ BiMOS process, combining low power CMOS logic with high precision, low noise bipolar circuits; laser-trimmed thin-film resistors provide high accuracy. The converter utilizes a recursive subranging algorithm which includes error correction and flash converter circuitry to achieve high speed and resolution.

The AD779 operates from +5 V and ±12 V supplies and dissipates 560 mW (typ). Twenty-eight-pin plastic DIP and ceramic DIP packages are available.

  1. COMPLETE INTEGRATION: The AD779 minimizes
    external component requirements by combining a high speed
    sample-hold amplifier (SHA), ADC, 5 V reference, clock
    and digital interface on a single chip. This provides a fully
    specified sampling A/D function unattainable with discrete designs.
  2. SPECIFICATIONS: The AD779K, B and T grades provide
    fully specified and tested ac and dc parameters. The AD779J,
    A and S grades are specified and tested for ac parameters; dc
    accuracy specifications are shown as typicals. DC specifications
    (such as INL, gain and offset) are important in control
    and measurement applications. AC specifications (such as
    S/N+D ratio, THD and IMD) are of value in signal processing applications.
  3. EASE OF USE: The pinout is designed for easy board layout,
    and the single cycle read output provides compatibility
    with 16-bit buses. Factory trimming eliminates the need for
    calibration modes or external trimming to achieve rated performance.
  4. RELIABILITY: The AD779 utilizes Analog Devices’
    monolithic BiMOS technology. This ensures long term
    reliability compared to multichip and hybrid designs.
  5. The AD779 is available in versions compliant with MIL-STD-883.
    Refer to the Analog Devices Military Products Databook or current
    AD779/883B data sheet for detailed specifications.


  • AC and DC Characterized and Specified (K, B, T Grades)
  • 128k Conversions per Second
  • 1 MHz Full Power Bandwidth
  • 500 kHz Full Linear Bandwidth
  • 80 dB S/N+D (K, B, T Grades)
  • Twos Complement Data Format (Bipolar Mode)
  • Straight Binary Data Format (Unipolar Mode)
  • 10MΩ Input Impedance
  • 16-Bit Bus Interface (See AD679 for 8-Bit Interface)
  • Onboard Reference and Clock
  • 10 V Unipolar or Bipolar Input Range

Functional Block Diagram for AD779


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AD779: 14-Bit 128 kSPS Complete Sampling ADC Data Sheet (Rev B, 03/1992) (pdf, 219 kB) Data Sheets PDF
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AD779JDZ Status: Production S/B OR B/B CERAMIC DIP 28 Comm. Tube, 13 $66.01 $59.68 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase
AD779JNZ Status: Production 28 ld PDIP 28 Comm. Tube, 13 $49.51 $44.76 Y  Material Info Notify Me Purchase
AD779KD Status: Production S/B OR B/B CERAMIC DIP 28 Comm. Tube, 13 $82.76 $74.83 N  Material Info PCN Purchase
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