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The Transport sector is at the front-line of de-carbonization, accounting for about a quarter of global emissions.

The sector is attributed by a complex supply chain that usually spans the entire globe. Though advances in battery technology have promoted an acceleration in acceptance of EVs and have controlled the tail-pipe emissions, the sector overall is still carbon intensive. The carbon footprint is attributed to major processes- from the extraction of raw materials to the production of batteries, and much more. Advances in technology can effectively tackle the total de-cabonization agenda only if the ecosystem players collaborate with a stronger commitment.

While strategic collaborations are necessary for the sustainable long-term win, technology innovations to better monitor the process flow can ensure high quality execution and efficiency increases, today, at a faster pace.

Explore this timely conversation that brings together diverse stakeholders of the ecosystem – as they detail their perspectives, challenges and commitments to address complete emission elimination.

Featured Participants:

  • Greg Henderson, SVP, Automotive, Communications and Aerospace, Analog Devices
  • Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO, Volvo Group
  • Adina Valean, Commissioner of Transport, European Commission
  • Peter Campbell, Global Motor Industry Correspondent, Financial Times

Featured Video Segments:

Advancing De-Carbonization of the Battery

The goal of realizing complete de-carbonization of the battery supply chain hinges on 3 critical areas – clean battery production, clean electricity sources, and battery 2nd life considerations (reuse and recycle). Explore this video to know more.

Role of AI in Maximizing Efficiency and Lifespan of the Battery

By effectively monitoring battery environment and performance parameters, predictive analysis and dynamic adjustment of operational variables can be achieved. These enable better lifespan, efficiency and performance of the battery. This results in a better total cost of ownership for the EV. Explore this video to know how.

Accelerating De-Carbonization of the EV Supply Chain

The EV ecosystem must move to system-level solutions in order to achieve complete de-carbonization - and simultaneously address both upstream and downstream challenges. In most cases, ideation and proposals are fast but execution is slow. Explore how this challenge is being tackled.