MAX3892: 2.7Gbps Transponder Applications Using the MAX3892, MAX3882, and MAX3670 Chipset


The MAX3892 and MAX3882 chipset is a fully integrated OC-48 multiplexer/demultiplexer for applications in SONET optical transport networks (OTN), at OC-48 rate or OC-48 with forward error correction (FEC). The MAX3670 is a high-performance reference clock generator for frequency conversion and noise rejection. The MAX3892, MAX3882 and MAX3670 chipset, in conjunction with the MAX3273 laser driver and MAX3864 transimpedance amplifier (TIA), provide a complete solution for SONET/SDH and WDM transponder cards, and guarantees compliance with the ANSI, Bellcore, and ITU-T specifications at OC-48 rate.