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Ready to Talk to an AI that Interprets Your Asset?

For CES 2021, Kevin Carlin, Vice President ADI OtoSense™, and Sebastien Christian, Director ADI Engineering, presented during a CES keynote. Their topics included enhancing machine uptime, ADI OtoSense condition monitoring, and leveraging sensing data to provide meaningful insights. Each topic is featured in the video excerpts below.

Featured Video Segments:

Industry 4.0 Business Challenges: Maximizing Machine Uptime

Kevin Carlin and Sebastien Christian of Analog Devices discuss how businesses can lean into AI to solve complex problems to improve quality control processes.

Introducing ADI OtoSense Condition Monitoring

ADI OtoSense bridges the communication gap between human and machine. Kevin Carlin and Sebastien Christian provide a deeper insight into the value and positive implications of leveraging the ADI OtoSense interpretation platform. Visit ADI OtoSense

ADI OtoSense

From Sensing Signals to Meaningful Insights

Using a clever example, leaders from Analog Devices provide a unique insight into the complexities of machines analyzing sensing data and how ADI OtoSense streamlines the process.