Simulate the MAX17504EVKITA Using SIMPLIS

Simulate the MAX17504EVKITA Using SIMPLIS


The MAX17504 high-voltage, high-efficiency, synchronous step-down DC-DC converter may be evaluated using either a 3.3V output evaluation kit (MAX17504EVKITA) or a 5V output evaluation kit (MAX17504EVKITB). An additional evaluation option is to use the MAXIM_EESIM_MAX17504EVKITA.wxsch circuit file to simulate the 3.3V output EV kit circuit using the SIMPLIS/SIMetrix simulation engine. This simulation engine can be downloaded at no cost from Maxim Integrated's EE-Sim Design Tools Suite; commercial versions are also available from SIMPLIS Technologies.

Note that the design schematic can be changed within the SIMPLIS/SIMetrix tool. By changing the component values to match those of the MAX17504EVKITB and adjusting the load appropriately, the following approach could be used to simulate that EV kit as well.

Since this is a switched mode power-supply (SMPS) circuit, it uses the SIMPLIS simulator rather than the SIMetrix Spice simulator that is also included with EE-Sim.

When first opened, the circuit is configured for PFM mode operation with JU2. Please refer to the EV kit documentation and the MAX17504 data sheet for more on the modes of operation.