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設計ファイルのダウンロード 1.76 M


The MAXREFDES1219 is an integrated smart solution for the 1-cell Li+ battery pack that provides a linear charger, Universal Serial Bus (USB) charger detect, and battery cell monitor including (State of Charge) SoC, (Open Circuit Voltage) OCV, temperature, current, etc.

This reference design is compliant with the USB BC Rev1.2*, which detects multiple USB battery-charging methods including Standard Downstream Port (SDP), Charging Downstream Port (CDP), and Dedicated Charging Port (DCP). The devices also detect common proprietary charge adapters, including those from Apple.

Maxim Integrated’s single-chip solution, the MAX14746, is the optimal solution for both USB linear charger and charger detection.

The estimation of battery power is also most relevant to the user experience. Maxim Integrated has specialized fuel gauge chips based on the ModelGauge m5 algorithm, with the lowest power consumption and estimation accuracy in the industry.


  • Proven PCB Layout Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Monitors from 1S Battery Cell
  • Windows 10 Compatible Software
  • I2C Serial Interface


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