Clarification of DS1804 Ordering Information and Package Marking


The DS1804 digital potentiometer is available in a wide variety of types, options, and package configurations. And there is little room for identification markings on today's tiny packages.

How do users define and order the right part? And how do they verify that the parts they receive are correct? This technical brief is designed to help customers interpret the ordering information and package markings for the DS1804.

With So Many Variations of the DS1804, How Can I Be Sure that I Have the Correct Part?

The process of defining, ordering, and verifying receipt of the desired DS1804 digital potentiometer can be tedious because of the wide variety of product offerings and the multiple packaging configurations. To complicate the identification issue further, there is little space for markings on some package bodies. This brief assists the customer in the selection and identification of the various DS1804 ordering and marking details.

Technical Requirements

The DS1804 is offered in one of three end-to-end resistance variations: 10kΩ, 50kΩ, or 100kΩ.

Any of the three DS1804 resistance values can be purchased in one of four package variations: 8-pin, 300mil DIP; 8-pin, 118mil µSOP; 8-bump, 150mil SOIC; or 15-ball Flip Chip.

Standard lead finish is SnPb (85/15) solder-plating for PDIP, µSOP, or SOIC. Lead-free (Sn) plating is also offered for certain package variations, and is identified with a "+" in the ordering and marking information. Contact the factory for more information on lead-free component availability. Flip Chip balls are PbSn (95/5).


After determining your technical requirements, the only question remaining is the shipping container.

The DIP package is only available in bulk (tubes).
The µSOP package is available in either bulk (tubes) or tape and reel (3000pc).
The SOIC package is available in either bulk (tubes) or tape and reel (2500pc).
The Flip Chip package is only available in tape and reel (3000pc).

For a complete list of DS1804 ordering options or any other Dallas product, go to Tech Support and enter the parent part number (i.e., "DS1804").


Because of the size constraints with the package bodies, a package-specific methodology was devised. Components are marked with as much critical information as possible, while still maintaining some semblance of readability in the character set used.

For the package diagrams below, use the following key:

nnn 3-digit resistor value ("010" = 10kΩ, "050" = 50kΩ, "100" = 100kΩ)—DIP, µSOP, or Flip Chip
n 1 Roman numeral resistor value ("X" = 10kΩ, "L" = 50kΩ, "C" = 100kΩ)—SOIC only
yy Last 2 digits of year of assembly
ww Work week of assembly
s 1 character date code—Flip Chip only
rr Die revision code
### Last 3 digits of lot number
xx Up to 2 alpha characters of lot number suffix
cccccc Country where device is assembled

This marking information and the electrical specifications are also available in the product datasheet.

8-pin, 300mil DIP

8-pin 300mil DIP

8-pin, 118mil µSOP

8-pin 118mil µSOP

8-pin, 150mil SOIC

8-pin 150mil SOIC

15-ball Flip Chip

15-ball Flip Chip