DSP Third Party Reference Designs


Reference Designs are hardware/software designs developed by our third party network, distributors or ADI to help integrate standalone products. Reference designs are available in the following application areas:

  • Automotive
  • Digital Home
  • Industrial
  • Security
  • Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Automotive Reference Designs

Title  Description
ClearSignal-Auto Provides multimode Digital Broadcasting capability in an automotive receiver.

Digital Home Reference Designs

Title  Description  Contact
Anagram Technologies and StreamUnlimited BlueTiger Connected Optical Drive Platform Offers manufacturers a way to differentiate optical drive-based products via enhanced audio/video processing, simplified connectivity, and the delivery of next-generation premium digital media content. Anagram Technologies

Industrial Reference Designs

Title  Description  Contact
MPEG4 video streaming over TCP/IP on the FinBoard  MPEG4 Video is captured, encoded and sent to a host computer via TCP/IP using LWIP running on the ADSP-BF609 Blackfin processor. This self-contained software module is fully ISO/IEC14496-23 compliant. EBSYS
EBSYS Somnolence Detection on the ADSP-BF609 Blackfin Processor This Somnolence Detection (drowsy operator) Library demonstrates how real-time, high accuracy detection of a drowsy operator can be detected in day or night conditions in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications.
License Plate Recognition on the ADSP-BF609 Blackfin Processor EBSYS License Plate Recognition Library, optimized for the Analog Devices ADSP-BF609 Blackfin processor and the FinBoard Embedded Vision Starter Kit. Primarily applications include Vehicle Access Control/Entrance Admission, Public/Private Car Park Management/Automation, and Traffic Monitoring/Management. Processes D1 images at 10-20 fps, providing a minimum of 95% recognition rate in day or night field conditions at up to 4 meters distance, horizontal or vertical. EBSYS
uCBF54x Start Kit and System Module by Arcturus  uCBF54x-Start Kit and System Module speeds development of a range of embedded media devices for commercial or industrial applications that use SIP signaling enabling multichannel voice, audio, mini-PBX, or IP video. Arcturus
The Boston Engineering FlexStack is a tiny, rugged platform that takes advantage of the flexibility of NI's LabVIEW Embedded with the power of the Analog Devices Blackfin Processor. Boston Engineering
FireCracker Embedded Processing Reference Design and Development Platform Enables design engineers to bring embedded computing solutions from concept to production in record time. Silica
PhyCORE-BF537 Rapid
Development Kit
 Rapid Development Kit used in all phases of embedded design, from evaluation and prototyping to development and OEM deployment. PHYTEC America
Arrows' Embedded Platform Concept based on ADI Blackfin® Processor Arrow Embedded Platform Concept provides complete package support for Analog Devices. Based on ADI's Blackfin BF527 Processor, ADP1829 and ADP2107 power management products. Arrow Central Europe
ZMC Industrial Platform for Embedded Measurement, Control & Motion ZMC is a low-power, rugged mixed-signal module based on the Analog Devices Blackfin BF548 Processor for standalone embedded systems in industrial environments Schmid Engineering

Security Reference Designs

Title  Description
Supercomputing Systems AG: leanXcam
leanXcam is an intelligent camera with a rich set of features that produces impressive performance with low production cost. Most of it is open source. Supercomputing Systems AG

Voice Over IP (VOIP) Reference Designs

Title  Description
Juphoon Costation IP Phone
Next generation IP phone based on SIP protocol
Juphoon System Software Inc.