Fast 14-bit ADC Samples at 10 MSPS, Has 50-MHz Bandwidth

AD9014 guarantees 90-dB (min) spurious-free dynamic range to 2.3 Mhz, -90-dB (max) two-tone IM distortion to 2.3 & 2.4 MHz

The AD9014 is a complete, 14-bit, 10-MSPS ECL analog-to-digital converter comprising two hybrid circuit packages: a track-and-hold and an a/d encoder-on a small 3.25" x 4.22" x 0.5" (107 X 83 X 12.7mm3) multilayer card. It is designed to provide definitive performance in both the time and frequency domains in challenging applications calling for the combination of high sampling rates and fine resolution. Read full article