LTM4620 TechClips - Dual 13A or Single 26A DC/DC µModule Regulator

LTM4620 Current Sharing

Two LTM4620 µModule regulators sharing current during start up, steady state and shut down.

LTM4620 Efficiency

With 20V input and 1.2V output, the efficiency is measured across a range of load current. At 100A load current, the efficiency is measured at 83%.

LTM4620 Short Circuit Protection

Shorting the output to ground, the output current drops to zero.  Remove the short and the output voltage recovers immediately and it continues in normal operation.

LTM4620 100A and 26A Thermal Performance

At 100A load current and no air flow, the highest temperature reached is 103 degrees C.  With 200LFM airflow, the temperature decreases.