Maxim Integrated Ordering FAQ’s

Order Management

I am tax exempt but I am being charged taxes on my order. What should I do?


Please complete this form and upload it to a new case in our Support Portal.

Please make sure to provide your order number on the case details page but not on the Resale Certificate.

How do I place an order with Maxim?


Please visit our storefront submit quotes and place orders direct with Maxim.

Alternatively, you can order from our authorized distributors.

Can I request a Failure Analysis?


Please submit a request to our Customer Service team through our Support Portal

What is the shipping/handling fee on my order?


The standard shipping/handling fee depends on the shipping location and the weight of the shipment. Maxim reserves the right to request customer freight forwarder details as stated in our terms and conditions.

  • USA: $35
  • Europe: $25
  • Japan: $25
  • China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines: $30
  • Other countries ›

What are my payment options when placing an order?


We offer credit card and Net 30 days payment terms for any first-time customer and this will be clearly indicated during the checkout process. If you select Net 30 days when placing your first order, you may later be contacted by our accounting team to fill out a credit application depending on the dollar value of your order.

Why don’t I see a Net 30 days payment option when I check out?


There are a few reasons why you may not see a Net 30 days payment option when checking out, but the most common reason is because you placed at least one order with us a long time ago and only used a credit card. If you know this is the case, you can fill out a credit application so that our accounting team can give you the option to order via Net 30 days payment terms. Otherwise, you can visit our customer support portal where you can submit a case.

Can I change the requested dock date on my order after
it has already been entered?


You can request to change the delivery date on your order by going to our storefront and clicking on "My Orders," and then “View/Edit” and clicking on the pen icon next to the current requested delivery date. In some cases, it may not let you push out the delivery date past a certain point. Please visit our customer support portal where you can submit a case or live chat with an associate during normal business hours if you have any questions relating to changing a requested delivery date.

Are partial shipments possible?


Please visit our customer support portal where you can submit a case or live chat with an associate during normal business hours to see if a partial shipment is possible for your order.

Where do I submit payment for a Net 30 invoice?


Payment instructions are located on the bottom of the invoice. If you lost a copy of your invoice, please follow the below instructions or visit our customer support portal and contact an associate if you have any questions.

We strongly encourage wire/ACH payment for fastest processing, but if you are required to pay by check, please overnight the check to the address indicated on the invoice.

Can I cancel my order?


You can cancel your order online if it is allowable based on ADI’s Terms and Conditions – see section 6 covering cancellations.

Go to our storefront and click on "My Orders" and click "Cancel" on the order you would like to cancel. If you want to only cancel a single line on a multi-line order, click the “View/Edit” button and then click “Cancel” on the line you want to cancel. If the cancellation is not able to be processed automatically, it is either because the part is Non-Cancellable/Non-Reschedulable (NCNR) or the order is scheduled to ship within 30 days.

Can I return my order?


You can return your order online if it is allowable based on ADI’s Terms and Conditions – see section 6 covering returns.

Go to our storefront login and click on "My Orders" and click "View/Edit" then click "Request To Return Material." Please enter the reason for your return and click "Submit." An associate will contact you within 1 business day.

What is the date code of the part I ordered?


Date codes are not available until the order is placed and material has been assigned to it. Once you receive an order that was placed with Maxim, the Packing Slip will display the date code of the part(s) received. Maxim guarantees all parts within one year from purchase, regardless of date code, as long as the material was ordered either directly from Maxim or its authorized distributors.


How do I submit a quote with Maxim?


Please visit our storefront to submit quotes and place orders direct with Maxim.

Alternatively, you can request quotes from our authorized distributors.

How can I revalidate an existing quote?


Quotes are valid for 90 days and cannot be revalidated online. Please submit a new quote on our storefront.

How long does approval for a quote take?


Once you have submitted a quote on our storefront, you will receive an email confirmation that the quote has been completed in 1 to 2 business days.

Can I request a quote online?


Yes, you can request a quote on our storefront by following these steps:

  • Click on "REQUEST A QUOTE"
  • Enter part number, quantity and required project details
  • Click "Submit" and you will receive an email with quote confirmation details in 1 to 2 business days

Can I request a quote in different currencies?


Online quote requests are available in USD only.

How long are quotes valid for?


Quotes are valid for 90 days.

How can I review my quote online?


  • Login on our homepage
  • Click on "My Quotes"
  • You can filter by quote number, part number, requested by, status, and date requested
  • Select quote
  • Click "View/Edit"

If I have a question about my quote, what should I do?


Please visit our customer support portal where you can submit a case or live chat with an associate during normal business hours.

Company Account

Can I apply for a company account?


Yes, we provide company accounts for customers. This feature enables members to share quotes, orders and payment terms.

How can I apply for a company account?


  • Login on our homepage
  • Select "Request Company Account"
  • The request will be sent to an associate at Maxim who will contact you directly within one business day

Can I manage my company account online?


Yes, you can add users, deactivate users, change administrators, remove and add billing and shipping addresses.

If you want to change your main address, please visit our customer support portal where you can submit a case or live chat with an associate during normal business hours.

Sample Orders

Why is my sample order denied?


Sample orders can be blocked for various reasons:

  1. Sample orders are monitored, and in the event of excessive sampling, your order may be blocked.
  2. Sample orders cannot be accepted from a public domain account (e.g. Gmail or Yahoo). They will be accepted from a valid/legitimate business or educational email address (

If you believe your sample order has been blocked incorrectly, please email with the following information and they will be able to investigate:

Company name and address, phone number, part number, and project information.

How long do sample orders take to deliver?


The majority of sample requests ship within one day of order receipt (when parts are in stock).

Sample Orders Transit Times:
US 2-3 days
EMEA 2-3 days
China 2-3 days
Japan 2-3 days
Other 2-7 days

Can I track my sample order?


Yes, sample orders can be tracked. Shipment notification email is sent once the tracking number becomes available. In that email, you will be able to click on the tracking number to take you to the courier website to see tracking information. You may also look under the My Orders page for shipment status.

Does Maxim sample to every country worldwide?


Export to the following countries is strictly prohibited: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, North Korea, or Syria.

Sample orders cannot be shipped to P.O boxes.

Due to Customs clearance issues, sample orders to Pakistan, Turkey or Russia should be placed through a distributor.

Why do I need to provide Tax/Broker ID# when shipping into Brazil, Argentina, and China?


Local customs authorities in these countries require a Tax ID to enable clearance.

What parts can be sampled?


Please visit our storefront to see if a part is available to sample by utilizing the “Free Sample Search” feature. Military parts and parts on full tape and reel cannot be sampled. Others may require approval based on the part and quantity requested.

What is the maximum quantity that I can sample?


Maxim offers a limited number of free samples to qualified customers. Depending on the part being sampled, a requester may be allowed one to four free units.

Should your design needs require additional product quantities, you can purchase them on our storefront, or you can contact one of our authorized distributors.

Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding samples?


Please email your questions to

Are samples subject to Maxim Integrated’s terms and conditions?


Yes, please review our terms and conditions before placing a sample order.

I attend a China University. Why can’t I order free samples?


Maxim’s free sample program is limited to China Universities in which we have a partnership with students and professors. If you would like to engage with Maxim on a samples program customized to your university, please contact our Samples Administrator at


What is a non-standard or “NCNR” part?


Non-standard parts are subject to certain requirements. This means for quotes or orders, Maxim may require additional information regarding your project or application using our parts, as well as which countries you are selling your product into. Non-standard parts are also referred to as NCNR (Non-Cancellable and Non-Returnable). This means that once you have placed your order for this part, the order cannot be cancelled and also cannot be returned once you have received it.

What does MOQ mean?


The MOQ means Minimum Order Quantity. This is the minimum quantity that must be ordered on a single line item.

What does Order Mult mean?


The order mult is the quantity multiplier that must be met if you wish to order more than MOQ. For instance, if the MOQ is 250 units and the order mult is 50 units, that means you must order 300, 350, 400 etc. if you wish to order more than 250 units.

What does End Customer mean?


The end customer is the customer who ultimately designed the product that is using our part(s). Indicating the end customer is usually only relevant if you are a Contract Manufacturer (CM) or Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) creating and/or producing your own products, you can put your own company name as the end customer.

What does Target Price mean when I am submitting a quote?


This is the price you would like to receive for a certain part and quantity based on your BOM budget or based on prices for similar products that our competitors sell. When submitting a quote, please provide the competitor’s part number if your target price is based on a similar part that one of our competitor’s sells. Please note it is not always possible to match this price and is not necessary to put a target price if you do not have one.

What does Lead Time mean?


Lead time is the estimated period between placing an order and delivery of the goods. Based on the quantity being ordered and where material is in the manufacturing process, the lead time is subject to change but usually anywhere between 1 to 6 weeks for most of our products.

Customer Support/General Questions

How can I set up an account with Maxim?


When placing your first order, an account will be created for you automatically. The following information is required: company name, bill to, and ship to addresses. For European customers, a valid VAT# is also required if applicable.

What is VAT?


Value Added Tax, VAT, is an indirect tax levied in many countries in Europe. Within these countries, customers, businesses, organizations and private individuals are liable for VAT. Under EU laws, intra state sales may not be subject to VAT where the customer is registered for VAT.

Which credit cards are accepted?


Maxim accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

When is the credit card payment processed?


Credit card authorization takes place 1 day before the goods ship. A $1 or $0 authorization is applied to confirm the credit card details. (Please note the card is not charged at this time). The card is charged with the full amount when the parts ship and the invoice is generated.

Why does Maxim not have an Irish VAT number?


  • No goods pass through Ireland so we do not require an Irish VAT number.
  • Our UK VAT number is GB975036307.
  • Our German VAT number is DE815160894.

Technical Support

Where and how do I get technical support?


Instructions on how to contact our technical support team.

Where can I find a glossary of electrical engineering terms?


Visit our glossary of electrical engineering terms.


Who are Maxim's authorized distributors?


We have several distributors across the globe. View the complete list and visit their websites, where you can search price and availability.