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      Home-based care is making itself right at home in the healthcare space. New capabilities and a shifting industry culture have opened the door for better patient care through technology. Dr. Venu Gopinathan, ADI Fellow and Managing Director of Medical Products, joins experts from CVS Health, the American Medical Association, Mayo Clinic, and Home Instead to discuss how these technologies can successfully merge into the existing healthcare system.

      Featured Participants:

      • Dr. Jack Resneck, President, American Medical Association (AMA)
      • Dr. Kent Thielen, CEO, Mayo Clinic Florida
      • Dr. Venu Gopinathan, Fellow, Managing Director (Medical Products, Digital Healthcare), Analog Devices
      • Dr. Sree Chaguturu, EVP and Chief Medical Officer, CVS Health
      • Jisella Dolan (moderator), Chief Global Advocacy Officer, Home Instead

      Featured Video Segments:

      Putting Home Healthcare in Context

      There’s no question that home healthcare is the future, but how can it be integrated into the current system? The panel discusses how to combine high tech and high touch for the benefit of patients, their families, and care providers.

      Lessons Learned from Early Remote Care

      Physicians, patients, and plan sponsors all have the same questions: Does this work for me and/or my population? Does it improve the quality of care?

      Human Connection Meets Technology

      Physicians and nurses want to spend time caring for patients, not learning new systems and tools. Their adoption of new technologies will depend on clinical acceptance and thoughtful change management.

      Health Equity through Digital Care

      Panelists agreed that new tech must be designed with an equity lens up front. AI can make things better or worse, depending on how we use it.

      Care Across State Lines

      The wonderful and challenging thing about virtual care is that it can happen anywhere. The panel discusses how to balance patient needs with the role of state medical boards.