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      The much anticipated deployment of 5G has begun, but the transition from 4G has just begun. With higher bandwidth, lower latency, and greater reliability, 5G will create opportunities in industries that couldn’t rely on the wireless technology of previous generations. Private networks will offer novel capabilities for business operations, while open networks and interoperable technology opens the door for a new wave of companies to join the communications ecosystem. Greg Henderson, Analog Devices’ SVP of Automotive, Communications, and Aerospace, joined a panel of experts for a discussion hosted with the Financial Times to discuss what the industry has learned and what opportunities lie ahead in the transition to 5G.

      Featured Participants:

      • Greg Henderson, Senior Vice President, Automotive, Communications, and Aerospace
      • Azita Arvani, General Manager, Rakuten Mobile Americas
      • Stefano Cantarelli, Chief Marketing Officer, Mavenir
      • Phil Mottram, President, Intelligent Edge Business, HPE
      • Raejeanne Skillern, President of Communications, Enterprise, and Cloud, Flex
      • Nic Fildes, Telecoms Correspondent, Financial Times (Moderator)

      Featured Video Segments:

      The Promise of 5G

      5G is here, but is the hype ahead of reality? Greg Henderson, Analog Devices’ SVP of Automotive, Communications, and Aerospace, and a panel of experts discuss the state of 5G and where its impact will be felt most.

      What Lessons Has the Industry Learned So Far?

      While we’ve yet to reach the full potential of 5G, network deployment has begun. Greg Henderson and a panel of experts share what has been learned during these initial deployments and what it means for adoption going forward.

      The Importance of Partnering Across the Ecosystem

      Open RAN and other dynamics are changing the structure of the Communications industry. Greg Henderson and a panel of experts discuss the value of organizations partnering to leverage complimentary capabilities in order to speed development and deployment of advanced network technologies.