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Mike Morrissey
Mike Morrissey,

ADI Catalyst Director

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Mike Morrissey
Michael Morrissey has been working on the area of exploiting silicon technology for advanced sensor development for over 25 years. He is currently the ADI Catalyst Director. Mike is responsible for accelerating ADI’s connection to their customers through ecosystem partners for better collaboration and to co-create innovative solutions.
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A Catalyst for Collaboration and Innovation

A Catalyst For Collaboration And Innovation

The launch of ADI Catalyst represents a step change in ADI’s approach to innovation. As a state-of-the-art collaboration accelerator, ADI Catalyst is where ecosystems of customers, business partners, and suppliers engage with ADI’s expert technologists to rapidly develop industry-leading solutions.

ADI is investing €100 million in ADI Catalyst, a 100,000 square foot custom-built facility located at its campus in the Raheen Business Park in Limerick, Ireland. This latest phase of expansion will create 250 new jobs by 2025. These newly created jobs will primarily focus on the development of software-enabled solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) innovations in areas such as Industry 4.0, sustainable energy, automotive electrification, and next generation connectivity. ADI Catalyst is a true reflection of ADI’s continued commitment to expansion in Europe.

“ADI Catalyst is our latest investment in the future of innovation, not just in Ireland or Europe, but globally. It provides the ideal environment for experts in their field to connect, collaborate, test, and pilot new technologies, business models, and ecosystems. Opening ADI Catalyst enables us to share ideas, capabilities, and resources with teams in Europe and around the world for the greater good.”

Vince Roche, Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board of Directors, ADI

Vincent Roche, CEO Analog Devices, Inc.

Accelerating State-of-the-Art Technologies

Technological innovation is increasingly complicated, requiring knowledge and expertise from more fields than ever before in order to meet the needs of a dynamic market. For example, manufacturers increasingly require more flexible, configurable, and dynamic processes in order to stay relevant with consumers’ ever-changing needs. This is fueling the trend towards a Flexible Modular Manufacturing System (FMMS), a system that switches from low mix, high volume, application-specific manufacturing to high mix, low volume sizes of customized products. To achieve this level of flexibility, an organization needs to understand manufacturing processes, machine vision, AI, and robot mobility—to name a few—and only a select few organizations possess such breadth and depth of knowledge and skill.

ADI Catalyst creates opportunities specifically for organizations to join forces and combine these types of complimentary capabilities. One example at ADI Catalyst involves a worldwide leader in healthcare manufacturing. This company is deeply involved in migration from a mass market approach to one of customized treatment and therapies.

To help deliver these advancements requires a wider range of knowledge than previous systems, including 3D time-of-flight (ToF) positioning which acts as part of a larger solution. This solution enables the much faster changeover of production lines needed for personalized treatments like CAR T-cell therapies and human implants.

This solution was tailored to meet the unique demands of the manufacturer’s processes in order to fully deliver against the promise of FMMS, and navigating those unique demands is exactly the type of work taking place at ADI Catalyst.

Moreover, this is the type of ecosystem-level collaboration that makes ADI Catalyst even more essential and valuable to our customers and their customers.

“ADI’s ongoing commitment to Ireland, as witnessed over many decades, is to be celebrated, as we mark yet another significant milestone. In a world where technology continues to permeate every facet of our lives, continued investment in today’s modern digital economy has never been more important. ADI Catalyst further reinforces Limerick and Ireland’s position as both a manufacturing hub for semiconductors and a centre of excellence for innovation in Europe.”

An Taoiseach Micheál Martin TD
Ireland’s Prime Minister

Humanity of Solving Engineering’s Toughest Challenges, Together

ADI Catalyst is designed for ecosystem-level engagement and innovation at an accelerated pace towards next-generation solutions as well as some of humanity’s most difficult challenges. It is a living lab, enabling teams worldwide to create, connect, and collaborate on solving engineering’s toughest challenges and pilot new technologies, business models, and ecosystems all with the collective goal of engineering solutions for the greater good.

Humanity is making great progress despite all our challenges and the naysayers. In a world that can oftentimes feel fractured and isolationist due to pandemics and geopolitical agenda, our work at ADI Catalyst demonstrates the values of internationalism and collaboration and celebrates the fact that we can accomplish far more together than apart. Learn more about ADI Catalyst