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      Martin Cotter
      Martin Cotter,

      Senior Vice President, Industrial and Multi-Markets

      Analog Devices

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      Martin Cotter
      Martin Cotter is Senior Vice President of the Industrial and Multi Markets Business Unit. In this role, Mr. Cotter is responsible for driving strategic growth, investment and value capture, and accelerated development of leading precision and core power products and complete solutions. Serving as many broad market customers as possible through ease of selection, adoption, and deployment through expert application support.
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      Sensors are becoming smaller, processing at the edge is becoming more powerful, and power is becoming more efficient. Our place in the world of physical to cyber is becoming more and more important. Organizations worldwide are looking at technology differently—whether it’s RF, signal processing, or sensing technologies—it’s all about extracting insights right at the edge.

      Getting to market faster. Generating revenue more efficiently. Strengthening and evolving the ecosystem. Those are our goals that capture value for ADI in this new world. The challenge is this journey can’t be accomplished alone.

      Analog Devices has over a half-century of solving customers’ toughest challenges., We’ve expanded on our technology foundation together with application domain and software expertise, improving the impact on the end use.

      We live in a world of physical to digital. It’s a natural place for ADI, where silicon—our roots—has increased in influence beyond the component level to complete solutions, connecting to the end-user and the end application.

      We fully understand that building an ecosystem of companies enables new communities and creates breakthrough technologies that have a real-world impact on customers’ businesses. Ultimately, we help nurture this ecosystem by developing collaborative partnerships in technology by combining technologies, expertise, and deep domain experience to bring applications to life across healthcare, connectivity, electrification, and Industry 4.0.


      To help customers decrease their time to market, collaboration is key. That’s why we develop and optimize edge-based software infrastructure designed to be adopted quickly by the end application. Open-source communities of users are integral to drive and expand its power, reach, and effect.

      Of the world’s 20 million software engineers, many are open source and celebrate open exchange principles where the source code is made freely available for redistribution, modification, and community-oriented development. It’s a very different way of thinking than in the past, where everything was proprietary, made up of uniquely isolated codebases that were difficult to maintain and scale. Leveraging the open source community, we can do so much more to enable collaboration environments with our customers, allowing their business to thrive.

      ADI Catalyst Centre is where customers, business partners, and suppliers come together to engage with ADI’s people, technology, expertise, and support infrastructure to collaborate and solve at an accelerated pace … all in a 100,000 sq-ft working environment.


      ADI Catalyst Lab
      ADI Catalyst is a living lab, enabling teams worldwide to create, connect, and collaborate

      ADI Catalyst is an incubator for innovation with customers. The Catalyst centre is an R&D environment with a focus on forming stronger collaborative partnerships in technology, exchanging ideas, creating living labs, and developing breakthrough solutions. This environment ushers in a new era of speed and collaboration by utilizing a true partnership approach to help customers resolve their challenges. Within these walls, companies can create groundbreaking technologies and solutions at an accelerated pace and achieve breakthroughs that were not possible even a year ago.

      “ADI Catalyst is a collaboration environment that enables a living lab that delivers impact, creates breakthrough innovation and advances in technology, and reduces time to market for customers.”

      Padraig Fitzgerald

      Senior R&D Director, Becton Dickinson-RCI

      Project teams at ADI Catalyst experience real-life situations with technology testbeds, and visibility to the vast array of ADI technology.

      One example of the collaborative power of ADI Catalyst is with worldwide healthcare leader Johnson & Johnson. J&J utilized the Catalyst as a proof-of-concept testing ground to build testbeds and prototypes for new automation and industrial asset health systems that introduce more flexibility, quality control, and manufacturing safety.

      In particular, J&J leveraged ADI’s 3D time of flight (3D ToF) technology in its robots to enable them to operate closer to workers on the factory floor (within 3 feet) without sacrificing safety measures.

      “Time of flight sensors and AGVs and robots. That’s something which we wouldn’t have thought of … you start imagining, what else could we do with this place? All of a sudden, it gets our wheels turning that we can do much, much more.”

      Mark McConnell

      Engineering Fellow and Head of Johnson & Johnson Supply Advanced Technology Center


      Education is a central pillar to the growth of the impact software has on industry. ADI is investing in the development of a future pipeline of software engineers by collaborating with the University of Limerick (UL) and several leading companies such as Stripe to launch a world-class computer science program, Immersive Software Engineering (ISE). This innovative program is designed to revolutionize how computer science is taught, creating exceptional, industry experienced, software professionals to drive significant business impact.

      An ecosystem of leading organizations will bring the ISE program to life for students and provide outstanding employment opportunities to its graduates. ISE is a 3-year, intensive undergraduate program with an integrated fourth year at the master’s level. Beyond this, ADI Catalyst will act as an “engineering residency” for aspiring engineers from UL and beyond—further expanding our collaborative approach to engineering solutions for the next generation of technology leaders.

      In addition, ADI is sponsoring 120 UL PhD students in the Foundation of Data Science course over a 4-year period to support this forward-thinking engineering initiative. Full disclosure: I, myself, am a proud UL alumnus, and I have a special place in my heart to this passionate group of future technology disruptors.


      ISE students work on advanced software projects with experts from world leading companies.

      “Software engineers enjoy incredible careers solving some of the world’s most important problems in the fastest growing industries, yet we have nowhere near enough of them. Immersive Software Engineering seeks to provide a great path for more secondary students (especially young women) into technology.”

      John Collison

      Co-founder and President of Stripe


      From software creation to business impact to end use, we are committed to advancing the impact software has on industry and are dedicated to reshaping how tomorrow’s software engineers will prepare for future challenges.

      Research, development, and innovation are at the heart of our core beliefs. We encourage collaborative environments, like ADI Catalyst, that enable living labs to deliver business results and reduce time to market for customers. Our sustainable energy efforts provide safer and cleaner transportation and help manufacturers to become more flexible and efficient.

      As a company, ADI responds to global imperatives, like the COVID pandemic and climate change, by creating full solutions and applications that help save lives and grace our planet. Our mission is to leverage advanced technologies, full systems solutions, and domain application expertise to provide the most significant impact on our customers' businesses.

      The world is changing, and ADI is helping companies with collaborative partnerships in technology to address those changes. In today’s complex world of technology, no one can do everything alone. To succeed, you need partners, collaborators, and ecosystems of experts. Together we can deliver the impactful solutions that address the needs of the world.