Synchro and Resolver Conversion, 1980


Synchro and Resolver Conversion, Geoffrey Boyes, Analog Devices, 1980.

This book is an excellent treatment of synchros, resolvers, and resolver-to-digital conversion with applications. It was prepared by the staff of Memory Devices, a division of Analog Devices in the UK where the products were initially manufactured during the 1970s. Many engineers working on systems using these devices still refer to this book today because of its clear explanation of the basic concepts of synchros and resolvers.

The Synchro and Resolver Conversion book is available for download:

Foreword and Table of Contents (pdf)
Chapter 1: Synchros and Resolvers (pdf)
Chapter 2: Scott Connected Transformers, the Representation of Angles in Digital Form, Logic Inputs and Outputs (pdf)
Chapter 3: Syncrho and Resolver to Digital Conversion (pdf)
Chapter 4: Digital to Synchro/Resolver Conversion (pdf)
Chapter 5: Resolvers and Inductosyns in Machine Tool and Robot Control (pdf)
Chapter 6: Related Conversion Products (pdf)
Chapter 7: Applications (pdf)
Appendices (pdf)
Synchro and Resolver Conversion – zip file of entire book